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BNA Season 2 Release Date, Plot Twists, Revealed the Secret Updates

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The be-brand new animal is an anime television series and is a blend of sci-fi, action, and comedy. The series is created by Studio Trigger. The anime is directed, created, and written by Yoh Yoshinari, Akito Takahashi, and Kazuki Nakashima. Season 1 of the series was aired on 8 April 2020 and the last episode of that season was aired on 24 June 2020.

bna season 2
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Season 1 of the anime series received so much love and appreciation from the viewers and we except the same with Bna season 2 . However there is no official announcement on the release ofBna season. Season 1 gathered so much appreciation in a very short period from viewers, that’s why it’s more likely that they release Bna season 2.

The plot of Bna season 2:

The story is about a girl who gets transformed into beastmen. She was a normal high school girl until she transforms into beastmen. She tries to escape her city and wants to reach anima city as soon as possible because beastmen there can live peacefully. There she meets a wolf beastmen whose name is Shirou Ogami. Together they try to find out the real reason behind her transformation.

bna season 2
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Previously in the series-

At the start of episode 1 of the series, Michiru is trying to escape from the city and gets chased by beast hunters, fortunately, Marie Itami saves her. She reaches the anima city and there she meets a crying wolf. There her wallet gets stolen and they together tried to find out who took it. While searching for her wallet crying wolf gets into a fight with the terrorist. He wins it at last.

bna season 2
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The second episode of the series named Rabbit Town starts with Michiru trying to prove that she is a human but she is unable to do so as her wallet is stolen and she isn’t having any ID proof. So she decides to look for her wallet and goes to rabbit town hoping that she will get back her wallet. There she meets Gram’s grandma and she asks her to teach children in return for the wallet. While Shirou was investigating a case regarding grandma. After that Grandma and she accompanies locks children and Michiru as they wanted them to be sold in return for money. Before that Shirou comes and rescues them. And the police arrests grandma and she accompanies.

The episode 3 (Rhino melancholy) -Shirou smells her Id and observes memories of her past. He observes how she got transformed into the beast. She tries hiding under the blanket and she came over the name of anima city in an ad over the internet. After that, she wrote a letter to her parents saying that she will be living in anima city until she gets normal. However, she didn’t tell them about her transformation.

An explosion occurs in the tower of the Medical Center, Shirou and Michiru investigates the explosion, they came to know that cheif Yaba is responsible for the explosion as he wanted to destroy the evidence of money stealing. Yaba and his Accompanies confess their crime later.

bna season 2
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Next, Michiru attempts to get back to human form but she fails. Michiru meets a girl named Nina whom she knows from a social media app named Facebook, later she finds out that girl Nina isn’t a human being. Michiru asks her about her father to which she replies that after getting caught, he was eaten by a human. Michiru doesn’t believe her. Nina asks Michiru if she wants to go back to human form, yes of course she does. Nina turns both of them into a human. Later they are seen partying with humans.

Greedy bears are the fifth episode of the series. Michiru is in her beast form, Shirou points out. But she says that it’s kinda comforting. Michiru asks Melissa about baseball games in the city, Melissa takes her to a game. there she plays the game in her beast form. She is with the bears, unfortunately at the end bears are lost.

Characters of Bna Season 2:

Michiru Kagemori: A normal young girl who unexpectedly turns into a beast, she then finds her way to anima city for rescue. There she learns about the harsh realities of anima city. And she finds out about her body parts that she can transform into whatever she wants.

bna season 2
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Shirou Ogami: He is a wolf beast-man with a good smelling sense. He has an immortal body with self-regeneration abilities. He is about a thousand years old.

Naguna Hiwatashi: she is Michiru’s best friend and they are friends since childhood. She too turned into a beastmen like Michiru. She was caught by government agents and was taken away for analysis of her body. But later she was saved by Cliff.

Alan Sylvasta: He is the main antagonist of the series. He is an entrepreneur and president of Sylvasta pharmaceutics. He is interested in studying Michiru and Shirou as they have unique physical capabilities.

Barballet Rosé: He is the mayor of anima city and is a mole rat beastmen. She knows that Michiru and Nazuna were human beings who accidentally turned into beastmen. She is researching Michiru’s disease and trying to find its cure. She is trying hard to help Michiru.

Marie Itami: she is also a beastmen and she helps Michiru whenever she can and asks for a favor in return.

Bna season 2
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Till now there is no sign of renewal of Bna season 2, but still, Netflix hasn’t canceled the series. The anime television series has found its way to the heart of the audience so it’s likely that they release Bna season 2. But when? Stay connected we will provide you with the latest news. This is good news for fans that bna season 2 is going to release soon.

Where to watch

Yeah, we all know that anime is very interesting, so what are you waiting for go and watch it on Netflix. Season 1 of the anime television series is available there.

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