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7 Seeds Season 3 Is Going to Release in 2022? Release Date Revealed by Makers?

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7 Seed is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yumi Tamura. The anime series is directed and written by Yukio Takahashi and Touko Machida. The series 7 seeds take place after a meteorite hits the earth and everything is devastated by it. And it has devastating effects on people of earth. The series is about survival in post-apocalyptic conditions of the earth. It’s a sci-fi series that happens after an apocalypse due to a meteorite hitting the earth.

7 seeds season 3

7 seeds season 3
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Till now the anime series has 2 seasons. Viewers enjoyed season 1, although it was an average series. Now fans await 7 seeds season 3. However, Netflix hasn’t confirmed the release of  7 seeds season 3 yet. There are chances that the series will return soon with 7 seeds season 3. The theme song of the series is four-season, as the name of the teams depicts.

Release of 7 seeds season 3

Netflix hasn’t announced anything on 7 seeds season 3 so we have to wait until the next announcement regarding the series.

7 seeds season 3
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Season 1 and 2 both are having 12 episodes in total. season 1 was aired on 28 June 2019 while season 2 was aired on 23 March 2020.

Plot 7 seeds season 3

Astronomers predicted that the earth is going to be hit by meteorites so the government decides to save the people of earth and formulated a plan called ‘project 7 seeds’.

7 seeds season 3
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The series takes place long after the apocalypse, as a result, the climate has changed. The series depicts how climate and all things have changed after the apocalypse. The series tells us about how the environment has changed and there are so many new evolved species of plants and animals after the apocalypse.

7 seeds season 3
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The Japanese government creates five groups of survivors named Summer A, Summer B, Winter, Summer, and fall. Each group has a total of 7 people. These groups are scattered all over Japan.

Previously on the series

In episode 1; a girl from Japan wakes in the middle of an ocean during a storm. She finds herself in a Boat with three other people who are strangers to her. Her name is Natsu Iwashimizu. She along with the other three-person on the boat is not able to recall whatever happened to them. They take the boat to a Small Island and there they introduce themselves. Along with Natsu Arashi Aota, Botan Saotome and Seminary Asai are there on an island. After introducing themselves they decide to search for food and while searching for food they encounter another group of people in the same condition as theirs.

7 seeds season 3
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The second episode of season 1 is insects awakening. Arashi gets infected after eating a fungi unknowingly. They are still in search of edible food, while searching they get caught by carnivorous plants, and also, giant rodents attack them. Kaname Mozunoto, who is separated from his group, saves them. Kaname explains that the island is a part of a plan by the government to save humans from the apocalypse. They refuse to believe it. Here Yanagi and his group are attacked by insects however Yanagi saves them putting himself on fire. Light snow is the next episode of season 1;

7 seeds season 3
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Botan’s group saves three people from crocodiles and they came to know that they are the remaining person of summer team B; Matsuri Tendo, Chimaki Yamori, Hotaru Kusakuri. Afterward, they cross a lake and again start searching for something to eat. Botan instructs them to head for mt. Fuji. Along the way, they find things necessary to survive and some other humans.

7 seeds season 3
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Arashi, Natsu, and Semimaru realize that they have stumbled upon the Fall Team settlement. The team has been here for almost 3 years and is dominated by Akiwo Haza and Ran Shishigaki, who order them to complete given tasks. They try to steal some food, especially Semimaru, as a result, all three of them are tied up. Akio and Ran have banned sex in the team. Ryoya frees them but tries to poison the people because he thinks that plan 7 seed has failed, although Semimaru stops him.

They continue their journey to eastern Japan. While Hana and Haru of the spring team paddle their inflatable through ruins of Yokohoma. After sunset, they camp in an abandoned church.

7 seeds season 3
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Heavy snow is the fifth episode of season 1. Arashi  Encounters a giant fish while searching for signs of humans underwater. The fish tries to attack him but it is killed by a bearded man with two wild dogs. Name of  bearded man is Takahiro Aramaki. He was the only survivor of the winter team who died 15 years ago. Hana and the spring team find a letter written by Natsu written to any of the survivors. Mansaku Sunomata says that we must accept our situation and try to find new ways of living. Takahiro, Arashi, Natsu, and Semimaru leave out of fear. Takahiro is all alone and he encounters a dog and recalls how his four teammates were killed by a tiger-like cat. Takahiro sees Hana being chased by a big creature and he sends his dog to save her.

7 seeds season 3
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Grain Rain is the sixth episode of season 1; Takahiro is taken into the spring team although people of the team don’t trust him fully. He tells Hana that he might have seen Arashi. Hana touches a poisonous plant and soon she is infected and started showing symptoms. She then decides to leave the team and goes in search of Arshi, in the way she encounters a giant fish but Takahiro saves her and takes her to an Island where team summer B first landed. Her health is getting worse and she is all alone so that nobody gets her infection. However in the way when she sees a message carved on a rock by Arshi she gets rejuvenated and regains her will to live.

7 seeds season 3
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Where to watch

The series is an awesome treat for anyone. It’s a must-watch series and if you are wondering or planning to watch the series, you can watch it on Netflix. It’s a must-watch series. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should give it a try.

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