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Monster Girl Doctor Season 2 [Release Date Out?] – Will Dr.glenn Be Able to Help the Creatures of Lindworm?

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Monster Girl Doctor season 2 is the second season of Monster Girl Doctor also known as Monster Musume no Oishasan in Japanese.

It is an ecchi fantasy anime series and was originally a light novel, written by Yoshino Origuchi, illustrated by Z-Ton, which ran in 2016 and continues to be in demand. A total of 9 volumes has been published by Shueisha under the imprint Dash X Bunko. A Manga adaptation of 2 volumes, was later on pursued by Tetsumaki Tomasu, published in a reputed magazine called the Comic Ryū Web. It was thereafter run in 2018 and continues to exist

Further, the Monster Girl Doctor and also the probable Monster girl Doctor season 2, was converted into an Anime television series, the series was animated by Arvo Animation. The series is licensed in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment. It was directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki and its composition was handled by Hideki Shirane and TO-MAS composing the music. It ran from July 12, 2020, to September 27, 2020. The first season had a total of 12 episodes. You can also check in IMDB.

The viewers have been hooked to the show which has a mind-boggling plot.

Several years ago, a war raged between humans and monsters for more than 100 hundred years. Peace broke out many many years later given the very fact that both sides were overly exhausted and drained and most importantly because they could not remember the reason why they started fighting in the first place. And thereafter humans and monsters started living in harmony and respected each other’s existence equally giving rise to mutual tranquillity.

To help visualise the essence of the series

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In the first season of the series, the viewers saw that Dr. Glenn, a human, is thin, and has dark blue hair framing of the face and light blue eyes. He wears a long white coat that has a standing collar with a simple black shirt, blue flare shorts and sandals, and Cthulhy, who appears as an extremely voluptuous woman in her middle years with red hair and glasses with blue eyes. Her bottom half is that of a red squid with eight limbs in constant use. successfully removed the parasitic heart of Skadi. The viewers thereafter see, Cthulhy had a personality change, and she was able to talk as well.

Now, in Monster Girl Doctor Season 2, as speculated fans will be seeing Lindworm being affected by a plague of rumors of doppelgangers. These are mysterious figures who are seen mimicking humans and performing evil actions that the original ones can never do or even think of doing. Glenn will be seen trying to figure out what is going on in the city. Nevertheless, at the same time, in the Monster Girl Doctor season 2, he will be seen dealing with several other cases, such as a mermaid twin, a molting lamia, and many others as well. He will eventually be seen being able to learn about the missing heart, which is known as Shoggoth.


To help understand the structuring of the plot of the show



Dr. Glenn Litbeit runs a small clinic in the town of Lindworm and is often shown to be carrying a messenger bag around. All monster women are infatuated by him and find him extremely adorable and pretty. He is said to be a specialist in treating monsters and his greatest strength is his ability to think outside the box, and being able to treat his cases like a puzzle that is to be solved and uses reason and deduction to solve them. His supreme abilities along with his kindheartedness, selfless nature, soft-hearted bedsides, his mannerism, and near-perfect appearance had earned him the well-deserved respect and affection of many of his patients.

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To help visualise the protagonist            


Dr. Glenn is assisted in his medical clinic at Lindworm by Saphentite who is a lamia i.e. a mythical monster who has the body of a woman, and preyed on human beings and sucked on the blood of innocent children. She is a half-humanoid, half-serpent, monster. She has a long, white serpentine body descending from her waist with long waist-length silver hair. Her upper body is humanoid, shapely, and lithe with large, bright red eyes.

She is very protective of Dr.Glenn and wants to spend the rest of her future with him. It is quite clear that she has very distinct feelings for him. It is pretty apparent that she easily gets jealous of other girls when they get too close or flirt with him. She also seems to love drinking, and thus she can be easily bribed with expensive and rare alcohol. At the end of Volume 6, she officially becomes Dr.Glenn’s fiance after he finally proposes to her. Although she does have to wait until Dr.Glenn pays off the Clinic before she can proceed with the marriage and become Dr.Glenn’s wife.


Both Dr. Glenn and Saphentite together treat various monsters and solve cases that are practically unimaginable to happen.


A release date for the Monster Girl Doctor season 2  has not yet been confirmed since its debut last year in 2020. Now, in 2021, a year after its first release, the fans are wondering how long it will be till they’ll be able to see Monster Girl Doctor again in the form of a sequel, Monster girl Doctor season 2. The series received a mixed response from its viewers but it still had managed to gain a large amount of viewership. It became quite popular quite quickly, and now its fandom wants to see its sequel as soon as possible. The increasing demand for the anime’s second season day after day can turn out to be a good sign for the future. The best thing about the probable Monster girl Doctor season 2 is that there is enough source material for Monster Girl Doctor Season 2.  So, the chances that the makers will soon renew it for its second run are quite high. Let’s hope for the best! 

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