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Seton Academy Season 2 a Romantic Comedy Series. Releasing in 2022? Upcoming, Exceptional Masterpiece by Bungo Yamashita

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Seton Academy Season 2 is the second season of Seton Academy, popularly known as “Come Together! An Anime that has been adapted from a Manga that currently has 8 published volumes which were originally written by Bungo Yamashita. It was published by Cygames Kodansha and Shogakukan in a magazine called Cyclone. The Manga was first to run in 2016 and was later turned into a television anime series, directed by Hiroshi Ikehata released in 2020 consisting of 1 season. And a probable Seton Academy Season 2 considering the first one was left at a cliffhanger. 

Seton Academy 2 i.e. the second season of Seton Academy is a rom-com series that quenches the thirst of every romantic. The plot of the show does not disappoint us but instead is one of the best Bing watches in Anime to be available. The academy enrollees anthropomorphic animals, who are beautifully portrayed throughout the series. Owing to population decline, the amount of humans is less than that of anthropomorphic animals.




Jin Mazama, also the protagonist of the show, of both Seton Academy Season 1 and Seton Academy Season 2, is a human boy, who happens to absolutely hate animals from the core of his heart… While he is quite stubborn, he also keeps great knowledge of the weaknesses and instincts of various animals. Jin was quite young when he once saw a puppy being bullied by bears and even though he was extremely scared of both the puppy and the bears, he still decided to help.  And even though he got badly beaten up by the bears he was still able to protect the bear. The puppy thereafter started to lick his wounds, and even though Jin wanted it to stop he was proud of himself for being able to protect the puppy.



To help visualise the character





Soon later, considering various situations Jin enrolls into Seton Academy and runs into Hitomi Hino, a human female in the form of a cat, who offers to show him around the campus. Hitomi has long beautiful brown hair and she is seen wearing a hairpin on her left side that holds her hair in place and reveals the whole of the left side of her forehead. Hitomi is a nice and kind person as the only other human, and naturally, she easily becomes friends with Jin. She loves cooking and therefore decides to start her cooking club, wanting to teach others at the academy how to cook and how fun cooking can be. We further see the two start a cooking club together. 





To help visualise the character


Ranka Ōkami, the wolf girl, is a pink female who is obstreperous and self-confident. She is a lone wolf i.e. a wolf without a pack and does not have many friends. who possesses the courage and somewhat the strength to challenge foes much greater than herself to defend her pack. She sees the cooking club of Jin and Hitomi as an opportunity to bring various members of various species together. 

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We see Jin being infatuated by Hitomi Hino and having a massive crush on her. We also see that Jin seems to have a soft corner for Ranka whom he comes across while at the academy. Although throughout the series there is no straight-up pairing of Ranka and Jin the idea of the two being in a relationship isn’t exactly made impossible.

Towards the end, it is hinted, through the way Jin is distributed and worried when Ranka is in trouble that he might have feelings for Ranka but due to the very fact that Hitomi is human and it would only make sense for his love interest to be the same creature as him rather than an interspecies relationship. We can say he was kind of in a middle situation. 

The storyline is quite general and is nothing that we haven’t seen before, however it is pretty wholesome when it comes to a casual watch and a feel-good show. Its vibrant and diverse cast of characters is more than enough to keep us hooked to the show and makes it enjoyable. One of my favorite scenes was when someone mistakenly referred to  Jin as a chimpanzee and when this happened, Jin started self-justifying and became quite angry in a sort of way that other animals or animal-like creatures from other shows have portrayed when a human did something that offended them.

The plot further progresses with various chucklesome scenarios, a lot of drama and some might even say that the Seton Academy is a show about love triangles.


Seton Academy Season 2


The story does not fail to transmit the message that friendships can be manifested among creatures of all kinds and it is about the goodness at heart and not the number of similarities we have among each other. It helps us gain insight into ourselves and understand that we often look for things and people who are right for us rather than those who make us happy. 

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Seton Academy Season 2



The performance of the show and the reviews it received have been quite interesting and the show received great viewership and people are eagerly waiting for a Seton Academy Season 2.

The First Season of Seton Academy premiered on the 7th of January, 2020 and with a total of 12 episodes, it ended airing on the 24th of March, 2020. The release date of the Seton Academy Season 2 is yet to be announced. Nevertheless, the viewers are extremely excited about it as the first season was left on a cliffhanger. The show isn’t one of the mainstream Animes but it is home to a very loyal fan base who can’t wait to watch the Seton Academy Season 2.


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