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Some Easy Methods to Get Discord Nitro Today for Absolutely Zero Cost!

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If you are an avid Discord user, you may have come across the term “Discord nitro” somewhere or the other. But first, the question that arises in our minds is, “What exactly is Discord Nitro?”


We all have started using Discord and a huge reason behind it is that it gives the users some great features which are completely free. Well, at least most of the features are free. Discord Nitro is the paid version of Discord which has a few additional features such as improved emojis, a customizable profile, Higher uploads (1000MB file can be shared with high quality), high-resolution video sharing and live to share. The premium package of Discord can be purchased monthly or you can take a subscription for a year. The Nitro is $9.99 per month, and Nitro Classic is $4.99 per month. It is cheaper if you purchase it for a year with Nitro costing $99.99 per year, and Nitro Classic costing $49.99 per year.

We have a few ways for you to enjoy these amazing features without even paying a single dime! Read the article to know how to get Discord Nitro free today!

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There are actually some legit and easy ways to get Discord Nitro for free. Some of them are:-


1. Downloading the Mobile App version

Discord actually provides one month of Discord nitro free for users who install the mobile application. There are certain conditions be be met in order to unlock this free trial. They are:

a) The trial will be provided only if you haven’t downloaded the Discord app on your mobile phone before.

b) The trial will be provided if the account didn’t have Nitro beforehand.

If both these conditions are fulfilled then one can have one month of free Discord Nitro.

An important thing to note is that for getting this free trial for a month will require you to add your payment information for the next month billing. However you don’t have any necessity of purchasing it for the next month.


2. Discord Partner Program

There is a type of Partner program available at discord just like they are available at other social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. These partners get Free nitro upgrade as a reward. But the hassle in this is, becoming a partner. This is not a very simple thing to achieve because to become a partner, your server and you have to fulfil some pre-requisites. You not only need to satisfy these qualifications, Discord also evaluates your sever engagement, the content’s quality, moderating the server, and other things.

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First thing to do is convert your server into a community if you haven’t done that already. To do that follow these steps:-


  1. Go on the settings of your server and then choose Enable Community.
  2. After that, press on the button that says Get started.

    Turning server into Community
  3. After that you have to will have to overgo multiple steps like verifying you email, changing the privacy settings, etc. Once you fulfil these steps , there will be an option of pressing next.
  4. To convert the server into a community server, you need to have a channel just for rules and regulations and another channel for informing about the community updates. This can easily be done through this step. After this press Next.
  5. Lastly  there will be two optional settings offered which is recommended to be enabled. After that, click on I agree and understand and then press Finish.


Now that this is done, you have 2 additional tabs under community in the server settings. These are Server Insights and Partner Program. You need to have your server insights active to qualify for partnership. But there is a small bump in the road here. to unlock these insights you need to meet certain conditions:

  • The Server must be at least eight weeks old.
  • There have to be 500 members on your server.
  • Weekly active members should be at least 50
  • The two factor authentication should be enabled.
  • 20% of the new members must stay in the server for at least a week. This percentage should be there for 2 months.
  • 100 weekly visitors

If you meet these qualifications you can access server insights and consequently apply for the partnership program. Go to the partner program and click on apply for partnership and fill out an application!


3. Salad

This is a free software that you can install on your laptop and it utilizes your computer in order to mine crypto for you. As you start earning some cash through this , then you can go ahead and cash these out for some gift cards and services such as Discord Nitro.

Process of minimg Discord Nitro using Salad



  1. Is buying Discord Nitro worth it?

While Discord nitro enhances the Discord experience with various cool features, the benefits reaped from it depends on the usage. If you use the app only a few times a week just to talk to a few friends, then it may not be worth it for you. However if you are a heavy user of Discord and spend a lot of time on it, Nitro can be definitely be worth it for you. It has 2 server boasts a year which can be beneficial if you own a server and want to improve it.


2. How can I tell If I have Discord Nitro?

If you want to check if you have a Nitro account then you can check for it under your settings. Go to nitro and then if you can see a Nitro badge on you Discord profile , it means you have a Nitro Account.

3. What is the server Boast on Discord Nitro?

Discord has server boast which gives the particular server access to additional content and features, such as additional emoji slots and an animated server icon. If you’ve have Discord Nitro, then you receive two server Boosts that you can utilize to boast your servers. Another benefit of Nitro is that the subscribers get a 30% discount on all future server Boosts.

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