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How Much Is Prime Gaming? Pay Less and Use More

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Nowadays the word “Prime” is heard by all people at least once in their lifetime. Prime gaming is nothing but a subscription from Amazon that gives some free stuff for the subscriber. It includes offers in-game content, free games, and free Twitch monthly channel subscription. Subscribers can enjoy a lot of benefits. Here know how much is prime gaming and enjoy it.

Prime gaming

Prime gaming gives a premium experience on Twitch that includes Amazon Prime and Prime Video membership. It also gives bonus games and exclusive in-game content, Twitch channel subscription and there is no need to pay for its partner and affiliated channels, emotes, and chat badges.

prime gaming

Twitch introduced its Prime experience on 30th December 2016. Now, Twitch is currently owned by Amazon. If you subscribe to Amazon prime, you will enjoy Twitch prime game, prime video, prime music on Amazon. Amazon extended its business in many ways as it is possible. To extend its business, Amazon collaborates with Twitch. And now Twitch is owned by Amazon.

How much is Prime gaming?

Amazon gives 30 days free trial for its new users. For that, you need to download Amazon prime app on your PC or mobile. You can download it on the internet. For android users, this app is available in the Play store at no cost. Apple users can download it by App store. After downloading this, you have to create an account on prime. If you are not using Amazon prime before that, you will have 30 days of free trials given by Amazon. With this offer, you can use Amazon free for 30 days.

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After 30 days, if you want to use Amazon continuously, then you have to buy any subscription plan given by Amazon. Amazon prime lets you enjoy Prime gaming for $ 12.99 for one month and $ 119 for one year. 

If you only want Prime gaming, then it cost just $5.99 for one month

There are lots of games in prime gaming. It has many online games, free PC games, and payable games.

Here are some free games for PC in prime gaming

  • Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn
  • SNK 40th anniversary
  • Metal slug 2
  • Sengoku 3
  • Truberbrook
  • King of the monster
  • Ironclad
  • Shock troopers: 2nd Squad
  • Samurai Shodown ll
  • Blazing star
  • Art of fighting 2
  • Fatal Fury Special
  • The King of Fighters 2000
  • Warsaw
  • Dead in Vinland
  • NeuroVoider
  • Chroma squad
  • Dungeon Rusher
  • Blazing Chroma
  • Treachery in Beatdown


Being a prime member, you can download and play the above and more games without any cost.

It will also give in-game items and popular game content like ‘EA spots FIFA 20’, ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, ‘Apex Legends’, and so on.

Twitch subscription

By Prime gaming, subscribers can affiliate channels to access exclusive channels with regular subscriptions such as cha privileges, emoticons, badges, and so on. You can also get access to enjoy games and in-game loot without any extra cost. Also, you can access exclusive emoticons. By this, users can access KappaHD, Scaredy-cat, and others which are reserved only for Prime gaming and Turbo membership.


Prime gaming expands its options in the chat setting also. With this subscription plan, you can change your chat setting also. Subscribers can set any color of the chat they want. This subscription also gives a unique chat badge. A unique crown icon is shown after the subscriber name.

This show uniqueness in all place. So that Prime members can be identified on any channel. This makes the subscriber feel supreme by this badge. The prime user at any channel can be identified as a subscription user by this unique crown icon.

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It also extended its offer to broadcast storage. It stores the old broadcasts you made on Twitch for 60 days. Twitch only give 14 days for old broadcast storage. But you can store your older broadcasts for about 60 days for your viewer’s view.

 Free trial

If you are using Twitch Prime for the first time, then will go for free for a week. But it is only applicable if you don’t have an Amazon or Twitch subscription. If you are suitable for the above conditions, then do the following steps for a free trial.

free trial

  • Download the Twitch app
  • create your account
  • On the top right, you can see Avatar. Click that.
  • Tap ‘setting’ in the menu.
  • On the top, select Prime gaming.
  • After that click tries prime gaming.
  • Noe, you can enjoy your free trial.

Linking Amazon prime gaming with Twitch

By doing the following steps, you can share your Amazon Prime subscription with Twitch Prime gaming.

  • Open the Amazon prime official website
  • Log in to your own Amazon account
  • On the top right corner, you can see ‘Accounts & Lists’. Click this.
  • Click ‘Prime membership’ which is at the bottom of the menu.
  • After that, click ‘See all your Prime Benefits’ to all options and scroll down.
  • Then you can see the option ‘ Streaming and digital benefits’.
  • Here search ‘Prime gaming’ and click that.
  • After clicking this, your page will be directed to the gaming section.
  • The menu will be shown at the left sidebar. On this menu, you can see ‘Link Twitch account’.
  • After clicking this option, you will be asking for confirmation to linking the account you select is correct or not
  • After that confirmation, your Amazon Prime subscription will be linked to Twitch Prime gaming.

how much is prime gaming


Simply said, the only prime gaming price is $5.99 per month. But you can enjoy so many offers along with prime gaming for $12.99 per month and $119for one year. It is the best deal for people who are gamers. With this subscription, people can play so many games at no cost. Also, they can watch Amazon prime videos, music, and TV series and so many advantages in Twitch app including special Badge.




  1. How much does it cost for minimum prime gaming?

$5.99 is the minimum amount of subscription.

2. Who is eligible for a free trial in Prime gaming?

The user who signs in for the first time is eligible.

3. Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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