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How to Find Steam ID – Easy Way! Get it in Seconds

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If you are an online video game pro player, then you will come across the Steam app. Steam is an online video game streaming platform. It was first launched in September 2003. This is one of the worldwide famous video gaming apps, because of its numerous options given for the player. It has features like video gaming, a host server, and many more. It can be used with minimal intrusive. One of the best things about Steam is the game’s updates are automatically updated without any manual operations. So there is no need for searching if any updates are uploaded by the developer. In this article, we are going to solve the problem of how to find Steam id.

Find Steam ID

Steam ID

As we already said, steam gives a lot of options for the users to make their experience better. One of the best features given by Steam for the user is its Steam Username. Steam allows so many users to use the same name. But it is necessary to make give a separate ID for identification to the user.

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Find Steam ID

So Steam gives a separate Identification number for the user in the name of a User ID. By this User ID, the confusion of finding anyone’s account was clarified. User ID is nothing but a 17 digit number. This is the unique identification number. Read more to know how to find the Steam ID.

Steam User ID is used to find the correct profile of a user without getting a confusion. This ID is used to access the web forums. To participate in any content actions like a ban in the steam app or valve. It is also used to report any other users if they misbehave on you or make any cheat.

Methods to find the Steam ID

Using Steam client, lookup tool available online, and using the console in the Valve game are the three methods to find your Steam user ID.

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Method 1: Using Steam client

Using steam client is the most simple way to find your Steam ID. In this method, you can find your ID number in your profile or the community hug page in the Steam client. Simply saying, you have to display the User ID in the profile setting. The most important thing is, this method is not suitable if you create your URL, which means a custom URL created by the user. Here are the steps to find your Steam ID.

  • Install and download the Steam client. Open the app and log in to your ID ( If not already logged in else skip the step. )
  • Tap the View option.
  • Under this, you can see the ‘Settings’ option and click it.
  • After that, select the ‘Interface’ option.
  • Make sure the ” Display Steam URL address bar when available ” option is ticked. If not ticked, then click on the bar.

Find Steam ID

  • After that, click your Username.
  • Check the URL bar.
  • If you have a common URL, then the URL is displayed here. If the URL is not displayed, it means you have a custom URL. So, you have to use another method.

Method 2: Use lookup tool to find the Steam ID

If you have a custom URL which is nothing you create your URL then the above method doesn’t give you a result. This type of URL can be identified by using a Lookup tool. You can also get your stramID3 and steamID4 by entering your steam ID using this app. Here are the methods to identify steam ID by using the lookup tool.

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  • Open the browser.
  • Type steamidfinder.com in the search bar and press enter key.
  • In the Text field, type the username you to your steam ID and tap the Get Steam ID bar.Type usernname
  • The result will show you all your ID details like steam ID, stramID3, steamID4, and so on.

This is the method if you have a custom URL.

Method 3: Use console in the Valve game

You can also find your User ID in the valve games like Team Fortress 2 or Counterstrike which uses either GoldSrc or Source engine. In this, you can find not only your steam ID but also other players’ steam ID if connected to the same server. But, you can’t find the player’s Id who played with you previously. Here are the methods to identify steam ID by using valve games.

  • Open any Valve game which runs on the GoldSrc or the source engine. ( Games like Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, and Half-life).
  • Enable the Developer console.

enable console

  • Tap the tilde key which is nothing but the ~ icon which is in the first place of the second row on the keyboard.
  • A console will open on the screen.
  • In the search bar, type Status and press the Submit bar.
  • You can see a list of players on the screen.
  • Click on the player’s name and you can get his ID on the console window.
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If you want to get other players’ steamID3 and steamID4 by the above method using a lookup tool. Also, it is the latest technique to find a steam User ID.


Here we conclude this article with a tip on how to change the Steam ID which is nothing but making a custom URL. If you are thinking that your ID is not so familiar but you want to make it familiar, then use this method. Open the Steam profile page and tap the ‘Edit profile option. Scroll down and click the Custom URL and make your customized URL.

custom URL

Because of having so many options to make your experience of using the Steam app better, so many gamers use and suggest this app to the gaming quality and experience more fun-filled.

Find Steam ID

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  1. Can I customize my Steam ID?

Yes, you can make your own custom Steam user ID.

2. Can I change my profile name?

Yes, you can have the ability to change your Profile name.

3. Can I change my account name?

No, you can’t change your account name. But you can change your Profile name.

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