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How to do Steam Level Up – Untold Tricks, Easy Hacks

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Are you a video game pro player? Then you will know about the Steam app. Steam is an online video game distribution service. This is one of the best platforms to find and play PC games. It is one of the most famous online gaming apps, which was first launched in September 2003. It has numerous features to give a better experience for the user. One of the best features of the Steam app is its automatic updating. The Steam software itself updates all recent games introduced by the developer on the home screen. In this article, we are going for a brief discussion about how to do steam level up.

Steam level up

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Steam level up

Before going to a brief introduction about the level-up method of steam, go for a small introduction about this process. It is a more interesting thing to do. It is nothing but increasing the XP value in your Steam account. This will intertwine the platform and the games. There are so many ways to level up the stream Some of them are purchasing games, earning badges, crafting badges, upgrading badges, and so on. But all the Steam accounts can’t get this level-up process. The first level up consists of 10 levels. After completing each level, you can get 100 XP. After that, the second level-up process starts. In this, you will get 200 XP. This process is continued for each upgrading level.

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Steam level up

Crafting badges

Crafting badges is one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase your XP. You will get badges by collecting them by playing games, buying them, or trading them. You can easily trade your badges by using the Steam app. For trading and viewing your badges click your Account Name. After that, select the Badge option and you can see your badges and trade them if you want.


The most important thing to remember is not all games give you badges. The only certain game that will give you the badge. To know these games, use filters. Choose the steam card modifier option. After finding these types of games, download and play them. You will get the badges.

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The marketplace is one of the most useful features to increase your badges. In this, you can buy cards. Cards values are based on the quantity and the worth of the cards. If you get duplicate cards which means you get the same cards more than one time, you can sell them on the marketplace.


Upgrade Badges

You can have the ability to level up each badge a maximum of 5 times. So you will get 500 XP with one game. You will also send these cards and use the fund given by the card to buy another card you want. Another method is, you can change the cards into gems if nobody buys your cards. You can use the gems to buy Booster packs. But for popular games, the booster packs cost about 1000 gems. So, saving more gems is only useful, unless it has no use.

But badges

Steam Sales time

Steam sale time is one of the best things in Steam level up. The cards you buy during the sale will ultimately level up the steam. So, it is worth waiting for the next sale. During this game, you can buy many games and make your badges by playing and increasing the badges immensely.

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Other ways to Steam level up

There are so many ways to increase the badges. Steam gives you some tasks. If you finish the task, then your badges are automatically increased. Some of the tasks are adding friends, posting screenshots of the Steam tell, and playing games. If you finish all the tasks given y the steam, you will get a level 1 badge of 100 XP. After that, the level will be upgraded to level 2.

Steam level up

You can have the game collector badges too. These badges let you buy games. Until you buy all the games available in the app, game collector badges arrive for you. But one disadvantage is the XP reward for games decreases as more number games you buy.

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The steam also gives some XP according to the time of usage of your steam account. For the completion of each successful year, you can get 50 XP free.


All of us have one doubt, what is the use of this steam level up. If you have this doubt, then read the following passage. This level-up process gives more benefits for the user.


This level-up gives you some more friend slots. After finishing each level-ups, you can be able to add more friends to your account. If you getting bored with always playing games on Steam, then try to increase your steam level-ups. This will give more fun to you and you will become more enthusiastic while seeing you level up in the steam. After increasing each level you will also get a +20% chance of getting Booster packs.

Steam level up – Conclusion

Here we conclude this article with some tips and tricks in increasing your badges. Some of the websites that help you to level up the steam. Steam card exchange is the most useful site to exchange your duplicate cards. Mostly avoid using foil cards.

foil card

It is the worst investment in steam level up. This badge gives only 100 XP which is usually given by the normal badges. But you can follow the method of selling this card in the marketplace and use the funds to buy some other cards you want. This leveling-up process gives you joy and also shows your achievements to your friends. This level-up will give you a separate value to your account.

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  1. How can I level up the steam?

By badge crafting, steam sales, and using the same account for long years will level up the steam.

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2. Is level up is more important?

If you want to show your specialty by your account, level up is more important.

3. What is the XP value for the 4th level?

400 is the XP value for the 4th level.

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