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What is the Real Tarzann net worth 2022! SHOCKING Revelations!

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What is the Real Tarzann net worth 2022? Who is the Real Tarzan and why is he so famous? Does he have a girlfriend? What is Real Tarzan’s real name? All your doubts about the Real Tarzann net worth 2022 and others will be answered in the article below. Read on to know more about the Real Tarzann!


the real tarzann net worth 2020

The Real Tarzann is a popular guy known around the globe for his work with animals. He is a star and an influencer on Instagram with the username @therealtarzann and is also a popular Youtuber too. The Real Tarzan’s real name is Michael Holston. The real Tarzann was born on November 9, 1993, in the United States of America. Nothing much is known about his childhood and growing up. Also, nothing is revealed by Holston about his father, mother, siblings, and family. It is known from an Instagram post of @therealtarzann that his mother is a doctor who is an expert in treating hair and hair loss. In the post, Michael Holston also expresses his love and gratitude for his mother.

Holston as a child was said to be truly fascinated and interested in animals and would constantly visit zoos to meet animals and learn more about them. As he grew up, Holston continued to spend more and more time with animals and try to understand or comprehend their behavior. It is not known well about his educational qualifications. Holston is said to be a thoroughly educated individual who has also had a lot of experiences working with animals. Holston has also not revealed any information regarding his partners or girlfriend too. The Real Tarzan believes that such information would take the spotlight away from his work and lead to unnecessary attention.

So, what is the real Tarzann net worth of 2022? Read on to know more!


the real tarzann net worth 2020
Source – miamiherald

The real Tarzann a.k.a Michael Holston is a popular Youtuber and an influencer on Instagram. More than a social media star, Holston has indulged in some impressive activities too. He has built several schools and began educating people too. The world in 2021 has changed drastically, especially over the last few decades. Important issues like climate change and animal extinctions have become much more serious. Humans have heavily exploited the world and depleted its natural resources to a large extent. Forests, which are the habitat of beautiful and rare animals and birds, are being destroyed by humans and other man-made disasters. How does Holston contribute to this movement and what is the real tarzann net worth in 2022?

In such a world, Michael Holston or The real Tarzann stands up as an important figure in the field of animal conservation. He is a specialist in exotic animals and bridges the gap between the organizations working for animal conservation and the public. Through his social media influence, he creates awareness and spreads messages about animal conservation around the globe and influences the public to care and donate for such a cause. Michael Holston has previously worked as a manager and zookeeper in Miami and is very well able to connect with the animals too. He hails the legendary Australian Steve Irwin as his idol and acknowledges him as the greatest human to walk on this earth.

Steve Irwin inspired millions of people around the globe about animals and animal education, with his daunting tasks. Holston wants to continue the legacy of the late Steve Irwin and promote animal education. With his prior experience, he learned to deal with even dangerous animals like tigers, sharks, and others. As a content creator, the Real Tarzann manages to keep his videos entertaining as well as informative. He has over 6.1 million followers on his Instagram and around 860k followers on his Youtube channel. Holston is arguably the most popular animal conservationist on social media and is also promoted by other social media influencers as well.

Holston earns a good amount of revenue from his social media works, what is the real Tarzann net worth in 2022? Read on!


Holston was arrested for burglary and battery in August 2019 by the Miami police. He has also been accused of mishandling animals and treating animals in a harmful way. A video posted by docantle on Instagram showed that one of the chimpanzees under the care of The Real Tarzann, was using a mobile phone. The chimpanzee was scrolling through Instagram and liking the posts too. Though this video was adored by a lot of people, it was heavily criticized by the experts. They felt it is unnatural for a chimpanzee to be kept at a domestic home like a pet.

Mr. Smith started a petition wanting to stop and prevent the Real Tarzann from indulging in animal cruelty acts. The petition mentions that though Holston promotes animal conservationism, he indulges in acts of animal cruelty too. He works with a few organizations that are against such a goal and are interested in hunting and poaching. Holston was said to be posing with a farmed rhino during a hunting concession called buffalo kloof private game reserve, just for Instagram fame. He was said to be promoting trophy hunting concession work in Africa. Let us now get into the Real Tarzann net worth 2020!


the real tarzann net worth 2020
Source – Honest to paws

The real tarzann is the most popular influencer on Instagram who works for Animal conservation. It is believed that his sponsorship for an Instagram post would bring revenue of more than 15,000$. According to socialblade.com, he earns around 22,700$. It is believed that Michael Holston a.k.a. The Real Tarzann net worth 2020 is around $400k to $500k in 2020. There has been no information in 2021 after the Real tarzann net worth 2020.

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