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S.w.a.t Season 5 Episode 15 Release Date And Storyline

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Episode 15 of Season 5 of S.W.A.T. The squad is attempting to locate a parent who attacked a hospital after his son died of renal disease. Meanwhile, the S.W.A.T. Academy recruits prepare for the annual talent show, while Deacon and Annie have a falling out, and Hondo is concerned about Raymont Harris.

Lina Esco, the series’ star, directed it all for the first time. And there was a good mix of tough scenes, uplifting moments, and a few funny ones.

Let’s start with the lighter moments before moving on to the main point of the program. We got a hint of an upcoming talent event for the S.W.A.T Academy in a sneak look released earlier for the episode.

Hondo, on the other hand, has a notion about the investor, Saint, who may or may not be involved in a larger scheme including stash houses.

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Donor”  The Plot

When a gunman targets the hospital personnel, the SWAT team rushes to locate a heartbroken parent whose son was denied a kidney transplant. Hondo also looks for evidence to back up his theory about who is to blame for the worrisome surge in the Los Angeles stash homes.


Shemar Moore, who plays Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, leads the season five cast. Jim Street is played by Alex Russell, David “Deacon” Kay is played by Jay Harrington, Christina ” Alonso is played by Lina, Dominique Luca is played by Kenny Johnson, Victor Tan is played by David Lim, and Commander Robert Hicks is played by Patrick St. Esprit.

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S.W.A.T. stars was the Shemar Moore as a former Marine and local born and raised the S.W.A.T. sergeant tasked with running a specialized tactical unit that is the last stop in law enforcement in Los Angeles and is inspired by the television series and the feature film. Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson tries to bridge the gap between his two worlds and adjust to his new duties as the legal guardian of a teenager, torn between loyalty to where he was raised and allegiance to his brothers in blue. David “Deacon” Kay, an experienced S.W.A.T. officer and the devoted family man who always put the team first, a skilled officer and the team, and Dominique Luca, an expert driver who gets them in and out, make up the Hondo’s elite unit.


1 Platform to watch S.W.A.T season 6

Streaming Online on the Hulu platform

2 Writer of the S.W.A.T season 6

The writer of S.W.A.T season 6 is Robert Hamne.

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