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Winning Time Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

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Winning Time chronicles the emergence of the Los Angeles Lakers as they are propelled into a new era of supremacy by a cast of dedicated characters who work diligently on and off the court. The fourth episode of the series follows this tendency by putting newly appointed head coach Jack McKinney to the test. Everyone, from the players to the administration, is concerned about McKinney’s techniques when he takes over the Lakers. Meanwhile, Buss has additional obstacles to overcome to make the Lakers profitable. Here is everything that happened in ‘Winning Time’ episode 4 if you want to catch up on the happenings of the episode.


Winning Time Episode 4 Recap

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The fourth episode, begins with a flashback to 1968, when Jeanie, her mother, and siblings run into her father, Jerry Buss, in a restaurant. Jeanie is left with a strong impression of her father’s larger-than-life personality as a result of the encounter. Buss and his family attend the funeral of a friend of Jerry Tarkanian in 1979, after which Buss hears that Tarkanian has declined to coach the Lakers. With limited time to choose a coach, Buss chooses Jerry West’s recommendation, Jack McKinney.


The Lakers’ pre-season practice camp will begin soon, and the players will begin to arrive in Palm Springs. Meanwhile, Buss continues to look for methods to improve the Lakers’ game appeal. However, he must first raise the funds necessary to carry out his plans. Following a conversation with his mother, Buss considers putting his ex-wife, JoAnn Mueller, on the deed as the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers to protect himself from losses. Even though Buss is wary about the proposal, JoAnn agrees to sign the contract.


Meanwhile, youngster Magic Johnson struggles to fit in with the club, but despite a rocky start, he gradually earns the respect of the team leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. On the field, the Lakers continue to grumble to West about their inability to adjust to and learn McKinney’s style of play. West chats with McKinney, who is hesitant to push his guys to learn how to play basketball his way. Buss and the team’s senior management attend a practice session to observe McKinney’s actions and determine whether they will have a beneficial impact on the squad. McKinney, on the other hand, begins to distrust his tactics.

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1 Release date of episode 5

March 27th, 2022 is the Release date of episode 5.

2 Platform to watch Winning Time

HBO MAX is the platform to watch the Winning Time series

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