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The Outlaws: Stream it or skip it? Review & updates

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After his partnership with Ricky Gervais ended, Stephen Merchant has been working as a writer and producer on his own for several years. And his work, from his role as a despondent singleton in Hello Ladies to the film Fighting With My Family, has been groundbreaking. Elgin James, who most recently worked on the highly unfunny Mayans MC, is his new show’s unexpected sidekick. The Outlaws is the outcome, and it’s a funny, thrilling, and absolutely dramatic series.

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Opening Shot: A young woman and her mother are in a shopping center. Her mother asks why she is so interested in a glittery outfit if she will never wear it.

The gist: After her mother goes to go to another store, Rani Rekowski (Rhianne Barreto) is stopped by security. She flees, running through stores and back corridors, but she is apprehended by security just at the exit, her mother standing close, perplexed.

Rani is one of seven people on probation who must complete community service as part of their sentence. Frank Sheldon (Christopher Walken) is a career crook who is released from jail and moves in with his daughter Margaret (Dolly Wells).

The Outlaws

Christian Taylor (Gamba Cole) is a former gang member who is attempting everything he can to keep his sister Esme (Aiyana Goodfellow) out of the gang’s grasp. Gregory Dillard (Stephen Merchant) is a tall, ungainly man who has recently divorced. Lady Gabriella Penrose-Howe (Elanor Tomlinson) is a socialite influencer who arrives two hours late and overdressed for the first day. Myrna Okeke (Clare Perkins) has been a longtime activist who opposes John on almost every subject.

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Diane Pemberley (Jessica Gunning), their boss, tries to portray herself as a difficult customer, but she’s under pressure to make sure her team completes the work required to “renovate” an abandoned warehouse into a community center. She enlists Rani as a snitch, promising her that her endorsement will save her Oxford scholarship; she also isn’t present when Christian and John get into a fight over a joint Gabriella brought to the job site, a fight she documents on her Instagram profile.


Rani isn’t on probation for one shoplifting offense; she shoplifted a trunk full of items as she rebelled against her Indian mother Shanti (Nina Wadia) and Polish father Jerzy’s stringent standards (Gyuri Sarossy). She seeks out danger and assists Christian when one of his old gang members hands him a gun in exchange for Christian’s participation in a robbery that he is compelling Christian to commit to protecting Esme. As arrogant as John appears, he is committed to his family and is determined to consummate this deal under his retired father’s watchful eye (Ian McElhinney). Margaret doesn’t want Frank in her life any longer than is necessary, so Frank tries to make apologies to her.


1 Platform to watch The Outlaws

Amazon prime video

2 How many episodes are there in the Outlaws 

6 episodes

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