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Slow Horses Review, is it worth your time

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The guy is walking towards a jet that is loaded with fuel and filling up with passengers, carrying a suspicious rucksack. Marrakech is the destination.

Male is the prime suspect. In his twenties. Asian in appearance. Profiling based on race? Check.

The atmosphere is tense. Kristin Scott is a model and actress. What’s up with Thomas’s brows? Arched. Lips? They’re pursed. “Dogs are on standby, Ma’am,” her comms guy says across TV monitors as she and her crew examine the evolving scenario at Stansted airport. Is he referring to genuine dogs, or is that code for MI5 field operatives? Later, there will be questions. Now is the time for a national emergency.


In an unusually well-tailored suit, an Uber-quiffed maverick espionage hero jumps barricades, shoves pedestrians out of the way, and ties down a suspect on the asphalt as spectators, counterintuitively, do not capture the scene for their Instagram.

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Is that an apple – or bombs – in the suspect’s carry-on? The first. Damn! MI5 has the wrong man on its hands. “You stated that you are an Asian male. Shirt in blue. Our hero, River Cartwright, played by Jack Lowden, complains to his co-worker enemy, “Spider” Webb, played by Freddie Fox, about “White T.” “No, I said ‘White shirt blue T,’” says Spider, who is untrustworthy due to his slicked-back, oleaginous hair and braces.


Is the suspect’s carry-on containing an apple – or bombs? The very first. Damn! “MI5 is dealing with the wrong man.” You identified yourself as an Asian man. Blue t-shirt. River Cartwright, played by Jack Lowden, complains about “White T” to his coworker adversary, “Spider” Webb, played by Freddie Fox. “No, I said ‘White shirt blue T,’” replies Spider, who, with his slicked-back, oleaginous hair and braces, is untrustworthy. Slow Horses (Apple TV+) is based on Mick Herron’s sarcastic spy franchise about discredited spies sent to Slough House (picture Sandra Oh’s office in series one of Killing Eve) for ineptitude, lechery, sociopathy, and alcoholism.

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Isn’t it true that we’ve all worked in the office? “Another day dawns on MI fucking useless,” Gary Oldman, chief of Slough House’s loser brigade, exclaims.

Jackson Lamb is played by Gary Oldman, a washed-up character who farts himself awake on his office sofa every morning before confronting the day’s most pressing issue: another hangover. On the plus side, he will be able to save money on alarm clocks. Have you ever woken up farting? Give it a shot. You’ll never want to drink another cup of coffee again.


1 Platform to watch slow Horses

Apple TV

2 How many seasons are there in slow Horses 

6 seasons

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