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Apple Dual USB-C Ports Power Adapter, Viral on Internet, Releasing Date

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Alleged images of Apple 35W power adapter 

Alleged images of the 35 W power adapter with dual USB-C ports were shared by chargeLAB recently. A support document that Apple published on its website revealed all this. The images have been going viral. This has become a topic of huge discussion. They showed the first look of its design accidentally though it has not yet been released. But these pictures gave the clue about the upcoming product and inculcated enthusiasm within the consumers. As per the shown images, the charger will have a small size and a compact design. The charger has USB-C ports on its sides. The prongs are foldable and the charger has circular edges that provide an excellent grip to it. Since the charger has a power wattage of 35W, it will be able to charge a large variety of devices like iPads, iPhones, HomePod mini, MacBook, and others from Apple.


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Making of the Charger

As per many of the tweets from Apple, it is inferred that earlier they were going to make a 30W power adapter in a different design and will be launched sometime in 2022. This time they are planning to build a charger using Gallium Nitride instead of Silicon. This will help make the charger compact, lighter and efficient. They say that the simultaneous use of dual USB will reduce the power to 18W. This charger is a brand new invention by Apple and hopefully proves to be helpful for the users. The best part of the adapter is that it can be used for a wide variety of devices and that’s making it so popular among users.


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When will Apple release it?

Supply chain leaker, Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the components of the power adaptor are being produced in huge masses. So they may release it as soon as possible. The charger will likely be available as a separate article in the market rather than being included with some other devices. Currently, we have a 20W charger that can be used for one device at a time. Unlike this, we will be able to plug in two devices at the same time and that’s what is making the users so excited about this. Apple has improved the performance of the device. Users can get their devices charged in a lesser time.


A great benefit to consumers 

Getting two devices charged at the same moment seems really great. Surely, this device is going to help Apple users a lot. The consumers might be waiting eagerly for the product after getting their first glimpses. The circular cut-out edge will help to remove the charger from the socket with ease. The foldable prongs make the device more compact and easy to handle. The great thing about this is that you can charge multiple devices at one time having just one charger with you. Now, as the first glimpse has been released then, we would be having the products very soon. All this made its release the most awaited one.

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