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The new features of Windows 11 that will ease your work and make your life fascinating

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With advances in technology, everything needs up-gradation, be it as small as a chip or as huge as a rocket. The new features of Windows 11 will ease your work and make your life fascinating smallest as a chip or as huge as a rocket. This all happens with changes in people’s mindsets and needs. The new features of Windows 11 that will ease your work and make your life fascinating advancements in the operating system thus become an obvious necessity. Microsoft has announced to add some new features to Windows 11. Let’s have a look at them.

Protective features of Windows 11

The first one is the protection feature. If someone enters his/her Microsoft credentials in some malicious application or website then they will be alerted with the help of Microsoft Defender Smart Screen. This is an enhanced and protective feature given by Microsoft that improved its security capabilities as well. The next feature is the Smart App control. In this, a code will be used to sign in along with Microsoft’s AI model. This enables the running of only authentic and trusted applications and so the untrusted ones get blocked by default.

Windows Defender Smart Screen

Supporting features 

The next feature concentrates on all the sections of society. It provides a feature so that people with impaired hearing and the language barrier can understand the content. Another added feature is the weather icon in the far left corner of the Taskbar. It will show a brief forecast of the weather. You can either hide that icon if you wish to. Now, while taking calls, you can mute or unmute yourself at any point in time and even share your screen with the calls. Along with these, there will be tabs support. With these, you’ll be able to easily manage your files and folders. They are also working on enabling a sidebar where you can conveniently find anything you want to. All these features bring all the things to a centralized place.

Taskbar for Windows 11

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Upgradation in earlier apps

Microsoft is also going to enable a suggested actions tool which suggests you create an event in the calendar if you highlight a date in it. You might have seen a lot of extra apps in your Windows system which you never used or don’t even have a look at them. You’ll get some new apps again with Windows 11. For example, the Media Player which you’ll find automatically installed on your PC. This app is an upgraded version of the earlier app Groove music. The earlier Notepad app is now called the Modern app. Now, this app supports dark themes as well which is a great thing for all windows users. As well as it has multi-level undo and redo options which you won’t find in the menu but will work according to the Windows standard shortcut.

New features in Windows 11

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Do these features work on Windows 10?

Now comes the question of working on these applications on Windows 10. So the answer is ‘No’. For instance, if we see Groove music in Windows 10 then it shows the updated version number of 10 while it shows 11 for Windows 11. So, apps for varying operating systems are specified in their particular OS.


Coming to the updates that often disrupt our ongoing works will arrive only once a year and can take 30 minutes or more for the installation process. If you are a person who doesn’t want any variation in the features from month to month then it is better to use Windows 10 for now. Moreover, these new features can fascinate every user. At the same time, it can have different impacts on different users because it completely depends on the usage of the new technology.

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