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Johnny Depp Is in Negotiations With Disney to COMING AGAIN for Role in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

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Johnny Depp, most known for his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6,” has been sacked from the film. Is it possible that the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will ever be complete without Johnny Depp? Amber Heard blamed the celebrity for the attack, and even though it started well, it ended badly for him.

Following that, he went through some of the most trying times of the era. Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Amber Heard admonished him over several charges, and while the character agreed they were dishonest at the time, nothing was chosen and everything was investigated at the time.

The case was taken to court for trial, and the judge has yet to make a ruling because the case is still being examined.

One of the major worries for Johnny Depp at the time was that, even though he was found not to be at fault at the time, Disney terminated all legal agreements and ties to the character while the lawsuit was still ongoing.


The fans, on the other hand, backed the character with whom Disney revealed all of the activities for which he signed the agreement, keeping in mind that the other big news at the time was that Johnny Depp would no longer be a part of the well-known franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean and that he would suffer a major setback. Following Johnny Depp’s resignation from Pirates of the Caribbean 6, a petition named “We need JOHNNY DEPP back as CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW” was started on Change.org, urging Disney to rethink Johnny Depp’s return. Fans who wish to see Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 are invited to sign and write comments.

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Depp’s fans, on the other hand, want him back; they are unconvinced by the charges and have continued to back him. Disney considered reinstating Johnny in ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 6’ due to the love he garnered from his fans.


Other extravagant discussions are afoot as Disney considers rehiring the character for Pirates of the Caribbean 6, and how it would reflect a different story for the character.

Captain Jack Sparrow has previously been played by Johnny Depp in earlier installments of the franchise, and there are rumors that he may return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

The rumors at the time were that the studio gatherings about the problem would take place, but that it would be largely for the benefit of Johnny Depp’s return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

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