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What Is Frame.io, Benefits, How to Add Frame.io in Your Adobe Cloud Subscription

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On Tuesday, Adobe announced to notify users that creative cloud subscriptions will now include Frame.io. It is an Adobe acquired software that helps users to collaborate on various video projects.

What is Frame.io?

Frame.io is a cloud-based video review and collaboration platform. It provides creative teams a space to upload, review and share their video content privately. Also, it aims to help users stream the video creation process by Incorporating communication and creative integration tools.

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Users can now collaborate through their iOS mobile app from anywhere with the help of Frame.io.Frame.io

“It’s our first step in building an end-to-end cloud-based video platform that’s seamlessly integrated with Premiere Pro and the rest of the tools our customers use,” according to Adobe’s VP of Marketing for Frame.io, Paul Saccone.

Key benefits 

  • Frame.io allows users to quickly transfer professional video files and formats like ProRes, DNxHD, etc. And able to transfer audio, still images, and pdf files.
  • In this users can send invites to initiate cloud-based file sharing. It has security and privacy control option. Now, Users can share their files only with the authorized team members and whoever they want to share with. Frame.io supports collaboration with time-stamped comments, threaded replies, and annotations. hashtags will help to use tag and filter notes.
  • Frame.io’s camera-to-cloud feature allows remote editors to start editing their videos even if his/her rest of the crew is still shooting.
  • Frame.io has creative tools to build branded presentations or sales reels.
  • It can be added as an extension of other creative tools like Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X.
  • It is flexible to users, as it is available on iOS now.

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How to add Frame.io?

Frame.io comes with paid Creative Cloud subscription. To add Frame.io in your adobe extension you have to go through the following instructions:

  • Open Creative cloud marketplace→Adobe Extention →search for “Adobe Exchange page” or “Frame.io”
  • Open your Adobe CC account that you’re using → the sign-in→open Premiere Pro or After Effects.
  • Then install the extension.
  • close and restart the Adobe application. (After the installation was completed)
  • To access the extension, click on the “Window” menu item → and select “extensions” → “Frame.io”. (it won’t show up there if the installation is not completely done.)
  • To dock the panel within a workspace, click and drag the floating extension panel via the panel name.
  • Now, save the Workspace by clicking on “Window” → “Workspaces” →”Save Changes to this Workplace” or “Save as New Workplace”.(create a separate Frame.io specific workspace.)

As Frame.io and creative cloud teaming up together, Adobe is also opting to build a new version of Premiere and After effects. Adobe has redesigned a few facilities in Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro is now easy to navigate and visually pleasing, as Adobe has changed it’s both the import and the export screen.

“Premiere has looked the same for a very, very long time, and any new UI stuff outside of the loading screen when you launch is exciting,” said Becca Farsace, a video pro at The Verge.

Frame.io will now help to enhance the editing experience and knowledge of the professional editors. It will help to share ideas and creative works which will help in the betterment of work. You can get access to this convenient editing provided by Frame.io with a Creative cloud Subscription which will cost $15 per month.

So, go get the creative cloud subscription now and enjoy editing more efficiently!

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