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Millie Bobby Brown’s Interview , She Turned 18 , Her Experience 

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Millie Bobby Brown Turned 18

Millie Bobby Brown has spoken out about her “gross” sexualization throughout her career.

The performer turned 18 in February and was cast in Netflix’s hit sci-fi series Stranger Things when she was just 12 years old.

Brown talked about the difficulties of growing up in Hollywood and how being in the spotlight has helped him to put things in perspective.

“In the last several weeks of turning 18, I’ve been dealing with that more,” the actor remarked. “I’m noticing a distinction between how individuals act and how the press and social media react to my coming of age.” It’s revolting.

Millie Bobby Brown’s time in Hollywood, she claimed, “is a wonderful picture of what’s going on in the world and how young girls are sexualized.” I’ve been coping with it for a while – but I’ve also been dealing with it for a long time.

Brown elaborated on her childhood experiences with sexualization, including being “crucified” for wearing a low-cut dress on a red carpet.

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“Is this really what we should be talking about?” I wondered. “We should be talking about the great people who attended the awards show, the talent that was present, and the people we represent,” she said.

Millie Bobby Brown Experience

According to the actor, her experience is comparable to that of other young people, and it can be “overwhelming.”

“I struggle with the same issues that every 18-year-old does,” she explained. “It’s all of those things, plus navigating adulthood and having relationships and friendships.”

“Being liked and trying to fit in, it’s all a lot,” Brown continued, “and you’re trying to [know] yourself at the same time.” The only difference is that I’m doing it in broad daylight. It can be stressful.”

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The actress also talked about why she stopped posting intimate details on social media. She stated that she prefers to have control over what she posts online and that she aims to use her platform for good: “I’m no longer posting anything personally.” You won’t be able to see that side of me. You get to view what I choose to share with the world.

Brown posted a video on Instagram when she turned 16 in 2020, telling fans about the insecurities she’d grown as a result of bad remarks she’d received online.

“For us youngsters to grow and prosper, our world requires love and support,” she remarked.

“I feel upset at times because of the inaccuracy, improper comments, sexualization, and unneeded insults that have eventually caused me anguish and insecurity.”

“I hope this film enlightens you about what goes on behind the headlines and flashing lights.” “Don’t worry, I’ll always find a reason to laugh.”

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