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‘Wordle’ today: Here’s the answer, hints for May 6!! check out now

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Answer to Wordle 321 for May 6, 2022

Although the Wordle word of the day for May 6 is a simple five-letter English word, some players may require a clue or two.

Wordle has given gamers another five-letter English word to guess. Players may require a tip or two to find the answer for today to maintain their winning streaks. For today’s Wordle word of the day, here are some hints, game rules, and even the whole answer if players need it.


Wordle Instructions

The New York Times paid seven figures for Wordle in February 2022, just a month after it went viral. This is still the original version, and this article’s suggestions, answers, and rules will apply to it. There are numerous clones available, but they will have different daily answers and may even follow somewhat different rules than those stated here.



Visit the website and select the ideal Wordle word, to begin with. Players will want a decent mix of letters, including some frequent ones like L, R, and T. Enter the first word into the site and hit enter. The letters will then change colors to provide the player hints as to the correct answer.

The letters in green are correct.

Gray is mistaken.

Yellow letters are correct, however, they are in the wrong word.


There are several ways to win Wordle, but players only have six chances to identify the correct word. Because the puzzles are reset every day at midnight local time, there is only one game per day. Players will gain access to the Wordle menu after completing the puzzle, which includes their win streaks, guess distribution, total puzzles completed, other stats, and the spoiler-free share button.

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Wordle 321 hints for the 6th of May, 2022

Although today’s answer isn’t very challenging, it isn’t the easiest of the previous 320 Wordle answers. Here are a few hints without giving anything away.

A noun is today’s Wordle word of the day.

The alphabet starts with the letter B.

It has two vowels in it.

An E is one of these vowels.

“An emblem or distinguishing mark” is today’s Wordle word.

There is also a D in the word.

The word also contains one G.

Wordle 321 answer for May 6, 2022

Do you need the whole solution to Wordle puzzle 321 for May 6th? The unedited spoiler can be found below the image.

BADGE is the answer to Wordle puzzle 321.

Wordle can be used in any browser.

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