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Sheryl Crow Speaks Out On Why She Is yet to Marry! ‘I Wouldn’t Stick A Ring On It’

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Sheryl opened upon being yet to marry 

Sheryl Crow is opening up ahead of the release of her documentary, Sheryl. On Wednesday, on The Howard Stern Show, Sheryl shared about her love life, her legacy in music, and the reason for being yet to marry at the age of 60. She said to Stern that she is hot even at 60. She says that she married almost three times. Among them, one was a cyclist Lance Armstrong. Both of them were engaged in 2005 before calling it off in 2006 — around the time Armstrong fell into the controversy surrounding his highly publicized doping scandal.

Musician Sheryl Crow opens up on Sheryl and being yet to marry at 60 

About the men in her life, she says that everyone gradually gets to know who they are as they grow up. She gives people a lot of freedom when they evolve. She doesn’t feel regret when she looks at her past decisions.

Feeling grateful to God 

She is thankful to God for not marrying. Breast cancer attacked her said at the end of one relationship. Coming out of it was very horrible for her but she came through it. If she would not have breast cancer, then she would continue being in that relationship. As she expresses all this she says that she is grateful be it in a weird way. Anyone may think like, ‘Oh, F that guy,’ or whatever, but the time when you come to that point, you’ve already moved on and you don’t care anymore.

Feeling ignored by the industry 

The music legend also shared whether or not she feels to be ignorant of the industry. That’s because she’s yet to be nominated to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In her answer to this, she says that she always felt like being an outsider in the industry. She always expressed herself through songs like ‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Soak Up the Sun’. Those feelings became the driving force for why she wanted to work with director Amy Scott on Sheryl.

Both of them came to her and asked if she wants to do a documentary. In her reply, she said that she would work only if she gets to know the story of the person and not the repeated story of the awards and stuff. At the age of 30, her first record came out. At that time, she was a schoolteacher. She waited very long, for years and years. There exists an entire world that is just not only concentrated on ‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Soak Up the Sun’.

Awkward situations with cro

Moreover, talking about her life, the musician spoke about facing sexual harassment by Michael Jackson’s then-manager, Frank DiLeo. Talking about this, she said that this disappointed her a lot. 0Its natural to expect good things to happen if you are working hard and putting in all your efforts. She thought good things would happen to good people. Speaking about the tabloid-driven rumors that she was being paid “$2 million” to have Michael Jackson’s baby makes her laugh when she looks back. That was an uncomfortable situation for her.


1. What are Crow’s views towards life?

Still, despite the ups and downs in her personal life, Crow remains optimistic about the future — especially when it comes to love.

2. What does she speak about dating people?

“I like funny people,” she said. “I’ve dated famous people, I’ve dated athletes, I’ve dated not-famous people,” she said. “It’s an open opportunity for anyone to be in the category of my next ‘favorite mistake.'”

3. Who was the first man whom she was going to marry?

One of those men was cyclist Lance Armstrong, with whom she got engaged in 2005 before calling it off in 2006 — around the time Armstrong fell into the controversy surrounding his highly publicized doping scandal.

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