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Kim Kanye Joins Black Lives Matter Protest As She Gives Her Thumbs Up For Sensible Police Reform ! Kanye West Follows !

made anKim Kanye: The Black Lives Matter protest is spreading like wildfire. Police are using their power for the wrong purpose, and people are...

PepsiCo donation to BLM: Snopes, a fact checking site claims the whole matter as “mostly false”. Click here to know the details

Now-a-days, the social media has become the hub of false and fabricated news. This has created such a huge problem mainly when readers trust...

“First African American, First Asian American, and First woman of color” vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris speaks about White liberalism, and the symbols of...

Kamla Harris is all prepared for accepting the Democratic Party vice-presidential nomination. It has also been quite painful to watch Black women politicians feign...

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