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“Minecraft”: How long does the ‘Bad Omen Effect’ stays in ‘Minecraft’??

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Published by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is an action-adventure video game which officially released in November 2011. 

How do I get rid of bad omen? : Minecraft

It is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. After the official release of the game, Jens Bergensten took over the development of Minecraft. The game becomes the best selling video games of all time and is available on the platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox 360 etc. 

If you are into this game, then you might be aware of this Bad Omen effect. However, if you are a beginner, then, of course, you might not. Don’t worry! We are here to tell you about the ‘Bad Omen Effect’. 

About Bad Omen Effect 

The event happens in a village known as Raid. This lousy omen effect is a status effect that causes a group of aggressive crowds to spawn and attack when a player with this effect enters a village.

How to Get a Bad Omen and Start a Raid in Minecraft [1.14.3] - YouTube

During the commencement of Raid, a Raid Progress bar appear on the screen. Afterwards, a group consisting of ravagers, pillagers, evokers, vindicators and witches will spawn towards the player with bad omen. As the players kill these aggressive crowds, the raid progress bar will diminish that implies how many remaining mobs have to killed to end this Raid. 

There are levels of Bad Omen like Bad Omen II, Bad Omen III, Bad Omen IV and so on. Higher the Bad Omen level, more waves are going to be there in Raid. 

Duration of Bad Omen Effect 

Bad Omen lasts for 1 hour and 40 minutes. The duration of lousy omen depends on how you got the effect. To see how much time is remaining for effect, go to your inventory menu. 

Suppose, it says 2:34 under a bad omen, it means that there are 2 minutes and 34 seconds remaining of this effect. 

Availability of Bad Omen Effect 

This effect is not available on every version of Minecraft. 

Following are the versions where Bad Omen is available: 

  • Java Edition (PC/MAC)
  • Pocket Edition 
  • Xbox One 
  • PlayStation 4 
  • Nintendo Switch 
  • Windows 10 edition 
  • Education Edition 

To get rid of Black Omens. 

To get rid of this effect, you need to drink milk. To get some milk, you should have a bucket and either a cow or mooshroom. Also, you can use milk buckets to remove any status effect. 

Getting a terrible omen is problematic; however, it could be a lot terrible. 

Bad Omen..


That’s the wrap for today! 

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