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“Kerbal Space Program”: Get all the mods available to smoothen your adventure with this expansive rocket simulator game! Click here to read more!

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‘Kerbal Space Program’ is briskly turning into a more wide-ranging and composite rocket simulator game, which is possible with the help of all the ‘Kerbal Space Program’ mods available. After the launch of the 1.1 version of the ‘Kerbal Space Program,’ the game has crossed over, advancing, along with the team’s outstanding work. There is also a vibrant community of modders regularly driving out their tweaks, features, and exaltations.

Anything you name within reason, catalogs, the latest rocket parts, finer physics, everything will be available in the add on a repository of KerbalSpacePort. However, it is a difficult task to find out about stuff without any help. So, let’s get onto our cosmic Nimbus 3000s and take a tour through the universe of the ‘Kerbal Space Program’ mods.

‘Kerbal Space Program’: List of all mods for a better experience


  • Better Atmospheres- One quite boring aspect in the ‘Kerbal Space Program’ is the atmosphere because it is just a layer of falt looking cloud cover, which disappears without any problem as the player ascends, after which it descends and turns into a layer of grey coating. Better Atmospheres is a mod that will do as told in the detailed tin, continuing to add more specific cloud covers to not only the Kerbin atmosphere but also to any other planet’s atmosphere as you like.



  • Distant Object Enhancement- Even, in reality, we can see most planets as dots on the sky without telescopes. The only difference between planets and stars is that star’s twinkle, and the planets don’t. This mod draws the reality aspect in the game, where the stars and planets are visible as tiny shining dots, not just that, even ships and rockets can be visible from a great distance.



  • KSP Interstellar- The arrival of this mod was way before the first contract update ‘Kerbal Space Program’ had lately. The KSP Interstellar will let players get all types of engines, fuels, and large tech while exploring the solar system and having permanent bases. All the stuff you find here mostly has to do with real-life scientific materials.


  • Deadly Reentry- This mod in the ‘Kerbal Space Program’ has to do with the task of a safe return from space, just like in real life. Any part of the craft which is improper will burn up because of the heat, especially if it is a planet with a more solemn atmosphere.


  • MechJeb- This mod, also known as Mechanical Jeb, is an auto-piolet system that can handle all types of space problems.


  • ISA MapSat- Players can make topographic maps of moons and planets with this satellite mapping tool’s help. Unfortunately, it is no longer supported, but a variant is the SCANsatmod.


  • Procedural Fairings- This mod can make all the rovers and machinery look very sleek, creating a custom shield for the crafts.
  • Kethane Pack- This mod helps in the scattering of Kethane into space, making it look quite realistic.



  • B9 Aerospace Pack- If you want full interior modeling, new jet engines, and a gorgeous new cockpit, this is the mod for you.


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