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[Full Video] Amouranth is Doing Hot Tub Streams on Twitch. AMOURANTH Net Worth Revealed!

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Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is changing the way she handles her content. Earlier this week, the content creator tweeted out that she’s going to be moving away from hot tub streams and instead focusing on informative topics for viewers

Controversy has surrounded Amouranth and other female streaming personalities after their hot tub streams started gaining popularity because of an unexpected side-effect: they were deemed offensive due to a lack of clothing or sexualization.Amouranth is Doing Hot Tub Streams on Twitch

Amouranth, the popular Twitch personality who has been known for her “Just Chatting” streams announced on Friday that she would be ending a part of what made her famous. She tweeted to followers telling them it was time to finish up one more stream and after which there will no longer be any hot tub content from Amouranth or those in attendance at these events. Alongside this announcement were two photos posted by Amaurth herself – one depicting her as an entertainer alongside some fellow cosplayers dressed in Star Wars costumes while another photo showed just the starlet clad only with bikini bottoms and nothing else holding onto a red Solo cup full of bubbly goodness.”

Some of her fans immediately noticed the tie-in to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Others wondered aloud if Amouranth was really done with the hot tub streams. For her part, the post didn’t leave many clues as to what’s going on in this video gamer’s life other than a deep dive into YouTube finances and how that might impact one of their favorite Twitch streamers’ income down the line.Amouranth is Doing Hot Tub Streams on Twitch

Just when you thought the hot tub streams were over, well they aren’t. Amouranth doesn’t believe Twitch will reinstate advertisements based on her tweet alone and she has vowed to have a conversation with people in charge of the platform if necessary for that goal. This means it’s not yet confirmed whether or not those who love watching their favorite streamer do nothing but lounge around naked are done seeing this live streaming spectacle at least until there is more information about what might happen next.

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Despite a huge cut in her revenue stream, Amouranth’s net worth is strong enough to keep going for the rest of this decade. The demonetization has taken away half a million dollars from yearly earnings and there’s no way around it but she sources of income aren’t limited to ad revenue. According to All World Celeb, her net worth is somewhere near $2 million while Dexerto countered their claims stating that the same amount is closer at about $7million instead.

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