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Block Hulu ads: How to do? Know the secret way!! | Latest | 2021 | Simple Steps | GET RID OF ADS!!

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Block Hulu ads

Block Hulu ads: When it comes to streaming sites, Hulu is a prominent one. However, Hulu advertisements would not allow you to watch the show in peace. Then, how can you block Hulu ads? If you purchased a Basic Hulu membership, you could see various advertisements when viewing your favorite movie or series. Fortunately, we have identified a few approaches that function flawlessly in blocking irritating advertisements on Hulu. Continue reading to learn about the various ways to Block Hulu ads.

Hulu is a streaming website for on-demand movies and TV shows in the United States that Disney primarily owns. The website provides access to thousands of movies and TV shows for as little as $5.99 a month in subscription fees. The website also offers material from Disney+, ESPN, HBO MAX, and Showtime for a price. The service is currently known due to its extensive library of popular shows and movies. However, even though Hulu subscriptions are considered inexpensive, Hulu still monetizes them through advertisements, which is the primary explanation for why people get irritated when enjoying their favorite content.

Commercial advertisements can ruin your experience when watching your favorite show on Hulu. These ads are usually non-skippable, and you must watch the whole ad before proceeding with the show. Fortunately, Netizens has already found many viable options for resolving this problem and blocking or skipping advertisements on Hulu. This article will walk you through the steps to effectively ban non-skippable advertising on Hulu.

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Block Hulu Ads :

Despite this, it is impossible to miss advertisements until the page has been completely loaded and completed. Hulu’s ad strategy for basic plans has also been explained. Both the Hulu standard plan and Hulu + Live TV plans would have commercials in-between episodes. However, it becomes unsettling as compared to Hulu’s competitors such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. Although these On-Demand sites are ad-free, Hulu is rife with non-skippable advertisements. Here are some ways below to Block Hulu ads :

Block Hulu ads

Adblock Plus Browser Extension :

The first approach for resolving your Hulu advertising issue is to use a browser extension. Adblock Plus is a browser extension that assists in adblocking. If you watch Hulu on your computer, this extension is a must-have. Adblock Plus blocks advertising on Hulu and helps you block Twitch Ads and other advertisements that run on websites you use.

Sadly, Adblock Plus does not directly block any advertisements; instead, it adds a white blank screen to mask the advertisements. Adblock Plus might be a decent option if you don’t have a problem with seeing a blank screen on your monitor or smartphone. When using this plugin, certain movies or videos will not play. If you encounter this problem, disable the plugin for a short period. For this reason, some ads can appear while watching.

Block Hulu ads

Blockada App For Smartphone:

The blockade is for smartphones only; there is no pc version out yet. This app gives you more options for adblocking. Using the app, you can effectively block Hulu ads from your mobile. Blokada is a third-party Android app that allows you to disable advertisements when watching Hulu.

To use Blokada’s functionality, download and install the app. Open the downloaded app and choose Blacklist. Goodbye advertisements and Hulu advertising will be blocked immediately. Blokada fits well with some advertisements but not all. If you’re comfortable with Adblock Plus, you’ll have no trouble using this tool.

Block Hulu ads

Hulu Ad Skipper:

You can add this extension from the chrome web store. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to get it installed on your browser. Once you’ve added the extension to your browser, go to Hulu.com and sign up with your details. Open the show that you want to watch. When advertisements appear on your phone, the extension will automatically detect and ignore them, as well as disable them.

Block Hulu ads

Using Enounce MySpeed:

Enounce MySpeed is a piece of software that allows you to accelerate or decelerate the playback of most Flash and HTML5 players, including the Hulu Player. This software is available for Windows and will allow you to fast forward via Hulu advertisements. It will quickly reduce four-minute Hulu advertisements to thirty seconds, allowing you to reduce the remaining time.

However, there is no such thing as a free. This fantastic and outstanding program costs $29.99. If you want to see how efficient it is, sign up for a 7-day free trial and then make your own decision. You’ll be shocked by how useful this app is for avoiding advertisements.

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Using Two Tab:

This might seem to be a little difficult for you. You will watch the same show in two tabs to avoid Hulu advertising. Begin by opening two Hulu tabs. Mute the second tab and move the show forward to the first ad marker. Watch your movie in the first tab. When the first tab’s advertisement begins to play, silence it and switch to the second tab.

Return to the stage where you were interrupted and begin watching from there. If you don’t mind the extra measures, this method is an excellent way to skip advertisements on Hulu. The advertising may have already been played in the second tab, so you’d be watching from the stage where the ad ended.


Reload Hulu Page:

This approach is more realistic and efficient for block Hulu ads. It works by merely refreshing the page on HULU, which shortens the advertisements. But commercials on Hulu will not be blocked or missed, but the length of the commercial will be significantly reduced, and you will not have to wait as long to see their beloved shows.

Block Hulu ads

Through Router:

You can block Hulu ads through your router settings. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Connect Your PC with the router.
  • Type to the browser address bar to go to your Router homepage. (address can be different for different router brand)
  • Search for Parental lock/Web filtering/URL block.
  • Add the web address “ads-e-darwin.Hulustream.com
  • Click the add/apply button, then reboot your router.
  • Now you can see all ads from Hulu are currently blocked.

Block Hulu ads

Buy Hulu Premium Plan:

The last but not least way to block Hulu advertising is to upgrade to the Paid edition of Hulu. As you might be aware, the premium edition removes ad popups when watching the video. Furthermore, this edition includes a plethora of services for customizing the experience.

The Hulu Premium edition costs $11.99 a month. This is a fair and worthwhile price to pay because the premium edition effectively eliminates long commercials from your Hulu experience.


We hope that the above method is now clear for you to block Hulu ads. Let us know which method works for you. If you have any questions or info, we missed, please let us know in the comments section. Did you find our article on Block Hulu ads useful? Did I miss something about Block Hulu ads? Do you want more articles like Block Hulu ads?



  • Does Hulu come with Live TV include DVR?

Ans: Like all of its rivals, Hulu allows you to record your favorite live TV shows and replay them later. The base subscription includes 50 hours of cloud DVR storage but does not have the option to quick-forward during advertisements.

  • Can You Watch Hulu with Live TV on Multiple Devices at the same time?

Ans: With your Hulu account, you can only view two devices at once, but you can expand to unlimited screens for an additional $9.99 a month.

  • Is Hulu in HD or 4K?

Ans: Yes, you can watch in 1080p,720p, and in 4K also.


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