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My hero academia chapter 347 Release Date & [Read Online], Horikoshi the author wants more hands ,Battle in Okuto island and Toga confesses to Deku

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My hero academia chapter 347 will be released on March 13, 2022. Horikoshi has been leaving chapters on cliffhangers as My hero academia is coming to an end and fans are excited for its new release after Chapter 346. Here’s what we know till now:

My hero academia

Shigaraki’s quirk evolution:

Horikoshi has expressed many times that Hands are one of the most important features of Human beings to express after facial expressions. As the chapter starts Monoma is asked by the heroes if erasure is activated as Shigaraki grows more hands, He explains that just like Human’s Hair and nails grow, Shigaraki’s flesh is also expanding. It is the evolution of the Quirks on his body, Shigaraki’s quirk evolution. It is just like Dr. Hiraki’s research on the Singularity point theory. Meanwhile, Mirko’s mechanical arms and legs get destroyed, She soon replaces them with spare limbs. she and Bakugou also get into an argument because Mirko didn’t want Bakugou to rush into things, they’re stopped by Aizawa who tells them to stop behaving like fools. Mandalay helps Aizawa to Deku through contact telepathy. Aizawa tells Deku that he’ll have to come back to U.A. on his own. Monona tries to assure Aizawa that erasure is working but Aizawa still worries about the situation as his quirk doesn’t work on mutant quirks and everything they planned was centered on One for All, Deku’s quirk.


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Battle at OKuto Island’s Aquarium:

The heroes are battling against Nomu and Moonfish at the Okuto island Aquarium, Gang orca is in charge. The Domus and Moonfish are controlling both the sky and the water. Moonfish is the same villain who was defeated by Tokoyami in the forest. Serius ask Tsuyu if she is alright, she tells stories that they got separated from Deku and Uraraka in the last attack.

Toga confesses to Deku:

Deku’s pulled by Toga and he has to go back to U.A. on his own, Aizawa tells him that they’ll defeat Shigaraki on their own. Deku tells Muranaka that they have to go back on their own, Toga doesn’t want Deku to go back. Toga Confesses that she loves Deku, she wants him to say. Deku realizes that the reason why the Danger sense was not working against Toga’s attack was that she attacks him with love and admiration, without malice. Danger sense works based on Intent to Harm.

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Does Toga love Deku?

Yes, Toga confesses to Deku that she loves him. The dangerous sense of not working against her attack shows her admiration and love. The love triangle between Deku, Uraraka, and Toga has surprised fans.

How does Bakugou’s quirk work?

Bakugou’s quirk helps him to secrete Nitroglycerin-like sweat. The more he sweats, the more he can create explosions.

Who is Deku?

Deku and Izuku Midoriya are the same person and was quirkless boy but dreamed of becoming Japan’s No. 1 Hero. All might acknowledge his never-giving-up attitude and passes his One for All quirk to Deku.

What is Toga’s quirk?

She can transform or become a lookalike of someone whose blood she has ingested and can also copy their voice.

Izuku Midoriya



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