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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 178 Release date: [READ ONLINE] Delayed Due to Author Gege Akutami’s Poor Health

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Jujutsu kaizen lovers were excited about its new chapter but due to Author Gege Akutami’s poor health condition, the release has been delayed. It was supposed to release On March 13, 2022, but it will release on March 18, 2022. The raw scans and spoilers are also yet to be released.

Jujutsu kaizen:

Jujutsu kaisen is a manga written by Gege Akutami.It also has an animation. The story follows Yuji Itadori a high school boy who swallows the finger of a cursed spirit and he becomes cursed. He joins a shaman school to exorcise himself. Jujutsu kaizen’s a hit shonen action series, it has a wide variety of cursed monsters which makes it very interesting. The characters are quite loved which is one of the reasons why it is staying relevant and its lovers wait for the new chapter’s every week.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Predictions:

As always fans are trying to analyze everything and make predictions. It is being expected that chapter 178 will feature Yuta calling Rika for Help. Yuta is the last one standing in the battle, Itadori and Ishiguro lost, Yuta is already injured, he requires rika’s assistance. It will show Rika in action, the extent of Rika’s powers have only been hinted at till now.

Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 177 Recap :

Chapter 177  titled “Sendai colony pt 4” was released last week. It has Yuta and Ishinori’s battle. Yuta rushes towards ishinori, dodges his attack, and comes face to face with him, they both engage in a verbal spat when Ishinori starts talking about his previous life. He states in his previous life he used to eat, engage with women, fight with good opponents but after a point in time, all these things did not give him any satisfaction. They both engage in an intense battle. The chapter comes to an end with Yuta bringing in Rika in the fight, Yuta was already quite injured. Therefore, Chapter 178 is expected to showcase Rika’s true powers, the preview of the next chapter reads ‘Everything about her is revealed’

What are JJk fans talking about in this one week break:

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Some feel that Sukuna has been quiet lately, they also think that Rika will make a full appearance next chapter, Gege will dump info on Okkutsu’s CT? and they want to see Rika’s true powers. They are wishing for Gege’s fast recovery.

Jujutsu kaisen


  1. Why are Gojo’s eyes covered?

Gojo covers his eyes because using them would tire him out, it is a rare type of ocular jujutsu passed down in his family’s bloodline.

Jujutsu kaisen

2. How many fingers does Sukuna have?

Sukuna became a cursed spirit after his death and has 20 indestructible fingers. Yuji has consumed 15 fingers as mentioned by BH Jogo.

3.Will there be Jujutsu kaisen season 2 ?

It has officially been announced that Jujutsu kaizen will release sometime in 2023.No official date has been set yet.

4. Yuta or Gojo? Who’s stronger?

Yuta might surpass Gojo in the future but as of now, Gojo is stronger than Yuta. He can defeat Yuta.

You can read the newest chapter of Jujutsu kaisers on Manga plus. What are your thoughts on Rika? Are you excited about chapter 178?

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