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PS5 overheating! Issue solution is here, Fix it Within Minutes

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PS5 is considered the next-generation PlayStation. It is a Sony product that is the newest game console. The PlayStation5 was first launched in November 2020. It was released in the countries such as North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea. After it was released worldwide a few weeks later. PS5 is a home video game console. One of the greatest issues in PS5 is its overheating. This overheating problem may let your device damaged quickly. In this article, we are going to see the warning signs and the fixing methods of PS5 overheating.

Play station 5

This heating problem leads to slow down your system or damage on PS5 console. In holidays, you want to play a lot with friends to make the days more fun. But, this overheating becomes destruction in your holiday fun. playing for a long time will warm up your PC and play station and it is natural. But overheating will become a big problem. It is must to fix this problem to save your PS5.

PS5 Overheating Reasons

Not only PS5 but most of the electronic devices and gadgets getting heated due to using it for a long time. They become overheating due to this restless working. Also, the console must be placed in an open place. So that it can get air and cool down. Placing Play station 5 in confined will lead to quick overheating. One of the most important reasons is its cooling system. Due to fur, dust, and lint Debris buildup in the console prevent air ventilation. If you are playing Graphical games, then it consumes more power and increases the internal temperature of your Play Station 5 consoles.


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PS5 Overheating Warning Signs’

  • If you see a flash warning that says ‘Your PS5 is too hot’ in your console, that means it gets overheated. It can be identified by touching your console. The console becomes warm to touch when it gets overheated. After a short time, your console will shut down.
  • The cooling fan inside the console runs continuously as you play games continuously. This lead to loud sound which is different from other time.

Play station 5

  • The process of loading games in the console due to overheating increases. This PS5 overheating causes a slow loading process and also runs games slowly. Also sometimes the game will freeze.
  • Some graphical fragments like black and white dots or streaks will appear on the screen while you are playing games during overheating.
  • There may be your screen will change to black, white green, or purple while you are playing when the PS5 becomes overheating.

These are the sign that you can check whether your PS5 overheating or not.

Preventing PS5 Overheating

Play Station 5 overheating is not an unfixable problem. It can be fixed by some methods. By clearing dust or grimes in ventilation holes, the overheating problem will be solved. There are some steps to prevent your console from getting overheated.

1. Keep Distance

Make sure your PS5 console is placed 4 inches ( 10 centimeters ) away from the wall of the room. It gives some breathing place for the console. Mostly avoid placing the console in a closed place.

2. Place away from fibers

Fibers do not circulate heat in the surroundings. So, the heat is continuously increasing in the console. This makes the PS5 overheating problem. To reduce the risk, keep the console away from the carpets, rugs, and mats which have long fibers.

PS5 overheating

3. Keep on Open space to avoid PS5 overheating

To cool down the console, it needs some space to get out hot air outside and get the cool air from the surrounding. The console needs proper ventilation to reduce overheating. So, place the console and also other electronic appliances in the open space.

PS5 overheating

4. Don’t cover your PC

As we said earlier, air ventilation is the most important thing. If you cover the console with any covers or clothes while playing games, then there is no place for air circulation. This will increase the heat in the console more than usual. This also leads to PS5 overheating.

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5. Proper cleaning of PS5

Proper maintenance is one of the important things in handing Play Station 5. It is a must to clean the PS5 regularly. It will reduce the overheating issue and noise problem. There is no need to clean the console by dismantling all the parts. Here are some steps to clean the PS5 console.

  • Remove the two faceplates.
  • Take the brush and clean the ducts and air vents.
  • Then clean the cooling fan by using a brush.
  • Assemble the faceplate again.

Cover the PS5 console with any cloth or cover when it is off. You can also clean the PS5 console with a blow-dry. But it is necessary to clean carefully. Blow-try cleaning may tear wires if you don’t do it properly. Also, it is important to clean the surrounding areas of the console. Make sure of the removal of dust particles.


6. Clean the air vents

Prevent the storage of dust and debris by vacuuming the vents of the PS5 console. Also, check if any blocks occur in the vents. If any blocks in vents then the fan makes a loud sound.

7. Away console from pets and children

Try to avoid touching the console from children. Also, let your pets not lay on or near the console.

8. Turn off the PS5 when not in use

Always turn off the PS5 after use. Playing games on PS5 many times or letting it run in the background without turning it off will continuously increase the heat. This makes the risk of any damage to PS5. So always let the PS5 console in rest mode after use.


PS5 overheating


  1. Is it safe to let the PS5 off overnight?

Yes, turning off the PS5 for overnight is safe.

2. What is the limited time to play in PS5?

Playing 1 or 2 hours is the limited period to play on the PS5 console.

3. IS placing PS5 in horizontal good for PS5?

Yes, you can place the PS5 console both vertically and horizontally.

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