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Everything About Beast Actor Vijay, His Relationship With Father, Belief in God

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Recently, the upcoming film Beast actor, Vijay was interviewed by Beast director, Nelson Dilipkumar about the reason for not interacting much with the media. He also asked him whether it was because of his busy schedule. In response, he said that though he has enough time for media and interviews he thinks that these things are not for him. He tells about a ten-year-old incident. He gave an interview. In that interview, he felt like his words were misapprehended in that interview. It was a situation where he couldn’t express what he wanted to. He might have spoken with arrogance but he didn’t mean it. Later, he explained this to the person. But he can’t do this every time so, he stays away from interviews.

Huge fan base of Vijay

Vijay has a very huge fan base all over the world. He would rarely promote his films. He attends audio release functions though. The filmmakers of Beast didn’t arrange the audio release function for the film which was saddening for his fans. This interview was organized in compensation for it. But here he seemed to be rather self-contained than the one seeking attention with his dance moves, dialogues, and stuff. Further in the interview, he told that even his family can’t get his expressions. He says that sometimes he is angry with something but he doesn’t show it. He believes that one should be very calm while taking essential decisions because most the wrong decisions are taken because of anger state of mind.

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Relationship with father 

Later in the interview, Nelson asked him questions based on his life. He asked about his relationship with his father and filmmaker, S. A. Chandrashekhar. In his answer, he said that the difference between a father and God is just that we can’t see God but at his place on earth, we got a father. Recently, they had a rough argument with each other.  But this statement shows that small misunderstandings can’t reduce their dedication toward each other.

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A firm believer in God 

Then Nelson mentioned Vijay’s frequent visits to the church during the shooting of Georgia. Vijay said, ” I am a firm believer. I go to church, and I have gone to temples and Ameen Peer Dargah during the filming of Thuppakki. I have felt a divine feeling in all the places. My mother is a Hindu and my father is a Christian. They both fell in love and got married. I grew up in a household that never restricted me as to where I should go or shouldn’t go. I also teach my children the same “. He wishes that his son also follows the same. He also stated that he doesn’t want to compel his son to join the film business. He shared an incident wherein director Alphonse Puthren came to meet him and he thought that he wants to cast him for some role. But later on, he got to know that it was for his son, Sanjay for which his son said no.


Further plans

Then Nelson asked Vijay about his plans for participating in politics. In response, he stated that he hasn’t decided yet about a political career. Keeping his fans his first priority, he says that it’s all the decisions of his fans. Today they want him to be a star, if tomorrow they want him to be their leader, he would do the same. All of this shows the actor’s admiration and dedication to his fans.

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