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The most awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake: When will the most awaited journey be over?

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is an action-based game that was released on Xbox in 2020 and it was one of the best games of that year. It is the remake of an old game of Final Fantasy VII, 1997. It’s one of the favorite games of most people. Now, all are eagerly waiting for its next part. The next part of this series has become the most awaited one because of such an enthusiastic response.

When this game was released, it received huge appreciation from the users as they got a chance to play this game again. But this time, with a lot of advancements like new characters, tools, animations, and others. It might be too old but one can find a lot of surprises in it. Every new game is full of new adventures, tools, and a lot of things to discover. Particularly, this game is based on active play and combating yourself.


Expectations of the users

The first remake part of the game got a good response from the users because of its overall perfection in all aspects. This increased the expectations of the users, making the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake part 2 on Xbox the most awaited one. This not only increased their expectations but also excited them as well. Till then, there are a lot of discussions happening over the plot of the story. The producers of the game once wrote that the creation of the second part is going on. So, the delay in the release of the first remake won’t affect the launch of the latter. Further, they mentioned that the development is in progress and it may release sometime in 2022.

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Most awaited game

After a long-awaited journey of two years, users are still waiting to see their most liked characters in a new way. They even asked the fans to wait a bit longer to know more. Many of Square Enix’s projects took a lot of time as a decade to build up. So the release dates of the game are unpredictable. But, it’s going to be epic and nostalgic as well. The story of the game is about finding lost friends, eco-terrorism, fighting for your values or what you believe in along with a lot of action. There is a wide range of weapons and special attacks that you can use to beat different kinds of enemies. You need to identify the opponent’s weakness and then act accordingly.


Anticipations of the upcoming game 

The combat and the environment of the game are awesome. The background, the dialogues, and the moments shown during the game offer a sense of realism and high-quality content to the players. Visuals play a great role in making something perfect. Users expect a lot more in the upcoming versions. The game doesn’t feel like it is cut short or a piece but a huge long story of events that ends on a good note. The story is well made and it’s more than a game. It gives the experience of a lot of things. A single player can have a lot of fun with it. Mostly the second part of this game start with where the first one ends. Hope for the soon release of the next part!

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