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Making New Landmark on HBO Streaming: Batman, Release Date , All Latest Updates!!

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HBO Max finally announced the streaming date of the newly released Batman movie. The movie had exclusively released in cinema halls on the 4th of march and eventually after 45 days, on the 18th of April it’s going to stream on HBO Max.

Before 2022, movies used to show up on HBO after an 8-9th month of the theoretical premiere. But it took only 46 days after the theatrical release.

Batman in HBO

How was Batman’s box-office collection?

The Batman has grossed $735.15 million worldwide, in early March after release. It ended its 5th week in theatre with 352.5 million dollars in domestic earnings. Even after 1 month of release, it still makes theatres full. altogether it is the blockbuster of 2022.

When the movie will be available on HBO?

Warner Bros. Controversial day and date release plan just like they released Wonder woman on HBO Max on the same they it was screened on theatres. They at first decided to release the Batman after the 46th day of Theatre release. But soon they decided to release it sooner than planned.

So finally it is releasing on 18th April 2022 after 45 days after its release on HBO MAX.

Then there is a question audience arises, why did Warner Bros. Entertainment leave the movie to stream on HBO Max so early!

How much will it cost?

HBO Max starts at 10 dollars a month for an ad-supported account and 15 dollars a month for the commercial-free plan. “The Batman” is expected to be available in both plans.

Is the movie worth watching on HBO?

The movie Mat Reeves’ Batman is the most loved batman series after Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The debut of Robert Pattinson as batman made both the twilight and its fans determined to go to the theatres. The movie has also wowed critics, with many praising its grim and gritty aesthetic and noir themes which made the movie more attractive.

taken from the fandomwire.com
Robert Pattinson as Batman

As a vengeance against the corruption of Gotham City, Robert Pattinson was loved by the audience. The huge fan base of Twilight was astonished to see the new version of him. Batman must be the movie that can be the turning point of Pattinson’s life. This acting, voice, and makeup together, made him look-alike the actual comical batman. His dark eyes showed the sufferings of his life since childhood. The audience actually could connect with him because of his superb acting! He has become the most beloved batman in the DC movies after Christian Bale.

Spirit Halloween bringing Lloyd back to his form

Others character like the Penguin in which Colin Farrell was cast was so fitted for him. Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman remained us of the comical Catwoman, which actually fit with Bruce Wayne’s character. The chemistry between them was so loved by the audience. Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Paul Dano as the Riddler, James Gordon Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone were just so deserving roles.

Batman and Catwoman

All together they made the eyes of the audience shocked with the screen for 2 hours and 56 minutes. And The Batman will be a worth watching movie in 2022.

Next Monday, 18th April will be the first streaming of batman on HBO Max. It won’t be worth missing such a thriller at home.



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