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Meta Quest 2 Taking You to the Mountains, What’s New , the Mountain Mystery and Many More

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Mountain lovers can feel the environment sitting on a couch! Meta is bringing mountains, a new virtual reality environment, to us. Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 VR headsets open the door of the “mountain study environment” with its v39 software update.

The updates are going to be released over the coming weeks for Quest 2. Buy the latest Quest 2 VR Glasses.

Picture: techcrunch.com
Oculus Quest 2 Image: techcrunch.com

Mark Zukerberg introduced us to the new world’s Metaverse technology. It provides us the right and suitable environment to work in sitting in the dining room. Quest VR glasses bring new updates very frequently. Where Oculus Quest has been used to play VR games, it is now working on helping us to build our own virtual world. The quality of VR glasses getting better day by day. That day isn’t far when people will rely on Virtual reality for work from home and online studies.

What’s new?

Multitasking feature

‘Multitasking feature’ was in the experimental settings tab for so long. But the wait is over now. The feature of Multitasking is coming into general availability with the v39 software update.

Last year the v30 update gave users the ability to open multiple windows and apps but it was disabled by default.

Quality-of-life feature. Users will be able to select the window which they want to restore by clicking on the corresponding icon in the universal menu. It will become easy to switch between multiple windows to launch, focus, minimize and close any open app that supports multitasking. Now it will become easy to swap between multiple apps and return to the last opened page.

Available in iOS

Back in the v37 update, Meta launched a share a headset for android. v39 update has brought good news for iOS users. Headsets will begin rolling out to iOS devices as part. this will enable users to send made-for VR content from the phone to the quest, quickly and conveniently. Users Just have to turn on the quest, enable Bluetooth, open a website on the phone, click share, choose the Oculus app, select headset, and boom! It will automatically open the browser when the user will put the headset on.

Mountain Majesty

And last but not the least, with a hint of a house with wooden walls, snow-capped peaks, and big trees, v39 comes with a beautiful soothing virtual reality environment of mountain majesty. The new mountain study environment is the perfect place to focus! to get access to this new home environment, look for the new update’s new ‘virtual workspace’ tab in the quest’s menu.Mountain Majesty


Feed redesign

Notifications were redesigned to manage both VR and the Oculus mobile app easily.

Logo change

Oculus quest has changed its logo with the new update as it is officially known as Meta quest. meta quest


Mark Zukerberg on the new update

Mark Zuckerberg said on the update, “Quest v39 update coming soon with a new home office space where you can take messenger calls, read emails, or work on your next big project. We’re making our multitasking feature available by default, so you can customize your workspace as you go between tasks. More people are using virtual reality headsets in place of computers, and updates like these are making it easier to be productive no matter where you are.”

Google home to control your smart home

According to Meta, these are very smaller updates that have come in the quest. there are more things to come yet. The Social Horizon home feature is one of them we are expecting from the upcoming future updates. this feature will let friends hang out in their home space.

Can’t wait to see the beautiful mountain valley sitting at home. The V39 updates are rolling for quest and quest 2 users over the coming weeks. Experience the best in Virtual reality sitting on the couch, multitasking with Android or iOS whatever you want. Grab the updates!

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