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NIN-Is Nintendo Switch Sports Really THAT BAD?

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The latest addition in the ‘Sports’ series (yep, it’s now a franchise, we say) has elicited varied reactions from players, including ourselves.

We called the game a “glamour but bare offering” in our assessment, pointing out the lack of unlocking ability when playing locally, as well as the lack of Visible range for the most of sports available. Nintendo Switch Sports has a 6-out-of-10 rating from us.

Many readers, naturally, think that 6/10 is a relatively low score – especially given Nintendo’s reputation for dependably good quality – so our wonderful video producers Alex, Zion, and Felix got together to talk about what such a number truly means and how to improve it.

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I was ecstatic when Nintendo Switch Sports was introduced. I’m not an idiot; I anticipated a stripped-down bundle. Folks, we’ve all been here a while. We understand how things work. However, I wanted to be able to play Wii Bowling and Wii Tennis without having to look for Wii remotes or connect my Wii U to a Wii TV.


So, after spending the majority of my day playing every sport in Nintendo Switch Sports, I’ve come to the following conclusion: I both adore and despise this game. It’s the epitome of everything right and wrong in the world. Someone once told me that the show Monk was television’s exact middle ground. It was either better or worse than anything else.


Invisible Discord name – Untold tricks!

Nintendo Switch Sports is the game.


Let us begin with the title. Sports for Nintendo Switch. Look. Folks. It’s a Wii Sports game. I understand that this game is not available for the Nintendo Wii. Advance Wars, on the other hand, isn’t on the GameBoy Advance any longer, is it? We still refer to it as such because that is how most people refer to it. Wii Sports sounds like a sex game or if you’re more into little sports, a sex game. Nonetheless, that is the name.

understand why it’s called Nintendo Switch Sports. “Nintendo Switch Sports, But It’s Kind of Just Wii Sports If You Liked That,” we’ll have to tell relatives and friends as the entire name.


That stated it’s Wii Sports time again! Is this bowling better than Clubhouse Games’ bowling? It certainly is. Is Wii tennis still as entertaining as it once was? There is, indeed. Is there any sword combat? You may put your money on it. Are there any other sports that I’ll try once and then abandon? Absolutely.


I’ve missed the simplicity of Nintendo motion control sports games – goddamnit, these titles. They don’t have any depth, to be sure. They’re not supposed to do that. It’s moving your wrist until it hurts to try to do what you see on the screen. The games are simple to learn and only take a few minutes to complete. It’s good to have a quick game to play before I have to leave my flat.

So, returning to my hatred, please allow me to play those fucking games. Nintendo, I understand, does not want people to throw their Joy-Con at the screen by accident. I truly believe it. But, for the love of God, I’m aware of wrist straps and the need for space in my home. You don’t have to remind me every time the menu changes. Yes, this was a problem with Wii games as well, but for the love of God, this is like putting the brakes on the fun. Remember how Nintendo Switch Sports instructed you to put on a wrist strap five minutes ago, and you did? It’s time to double-check that nonsense, folks!

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