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2022 Met Gala: The Funniest, Pettiest And Most Accurate Tweets. Also, Kendall Jenner hosts for her THIRD time and RYAN GOSLING makes a MAGICAL entrance!

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The Met Gala is a huge night for fashion, but it’s a greater night for ruthlessness on Twitter.


“In America: An Anthology of Fashion” was the subject for the 2022 gala. However, because the theme is ambiguous and the dress code on the invites is defined as white-tie with an emphasis on “Gilded Glamour,” most people felt the Gilded Age would be the most popular theme.


Some celebrities appeared to understand the task (hello, Blake Lively), while others spectacularly failed (sorry, Kourtney Kardashian), as is usual in previous galas.


The 2022 event, however, was marked by the revelation that a secret Supreme Court ruling suggested that justices are ready to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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Given this setting and the event’s theme — a homage to a turbulent period in American history famed for its drama, grandeur, and social inequity — the plebeians of Twitter seemed to enjoy channeling their inner Miranda Priestly while watching an event attended by the upper crust.


The finest tweets of the night are shown below – some are appreciative, others are poignant, but the most are hysterically humorous.


I think the Met Gala should be conditional upon arrival, like a clothing check at the door, and if you’re not dressed appropriately, you should be sent home! Please try again, the neighborhood mall is just down the street.



— koralinadean (@koralinadean) 2 May 2022

Kim Kardashian is wearing a $5 million Marilyn Monroe gown with a Staten Islander as an accessory…

a girl can only fantasize


May 3, 2022 — grace (@graceannwebb)

Next year’s theme should be “2000s Ashley Tisdale red carpet fashion.”


May 2, 2022 — kindred (@haleyobsession)

They all talk about how great the Gala was the day they met her.


Greengardenbean (@nerdofthegays) The Met Gala theme for 2022 should just be something stupid because no one cares… they should do a dinosaur theme like that one prom episode of Glee.

Gabrie (@ ) Roe v Wade is set to take place on May 2, 2022, during a gilded age-themed Met Gala... whew!


@morgan sung — Morgan Sung (@morgan sung) 3 May 2022

You come to me on my night of mocking the way the wealthy dress and trying to overturn abortions?


May 3, 2022 — Alexis “Bring Back Bunheads” Wilson (@sassyblackdiva)

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