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Why Won’t Steam Open? Lets Fix It. Easy Two Minutes Fix

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People who are PC gamers will come to know about Steam software. Steam is a Video game distribution service. It is used to access games easily. You can be easily familiar with this app if you once know to use the basic things in it. It is operated with minimal intrusive.  Steam was first launched in September 2003. It is the server with features like Video streaming, Host server, Social networking services, and Digital Rights Management. This app is mainly used for gamers. Steam automatically updates the recently launched PC games. So there is no need to search for recent updates in the game world. This article gives a brief discussion about why won’t steam open and the fixing solution.

why won't stream open

Why won’t steam open?

We can’t find what is there the exact reason why won’t steam open. In recent days, many Steam users encountered the issue on open the steam app. If people try to open the steam app, the software automatically closes after a few seconds before running.

There are lots of technical reasons for these issues. It may be due to unclosed steam processes or the running of other software in the background. So you can enjoy your games to due the problem in the opening of the Steam server. As the reason for not opening, there are lots of methods to fix this problem. You have to try all the problems to find the solution which is suitable for your problem.

Option 1:  Close the steam task

The reason for the problem in the steam opening is may be due to the running of a steam task in the background of the window. This is due to the improper closing of the Steam client. So, after reopening the app without proper closing make the software refuse to open again. To overcome this type of problem, you have to end all tasks of steam on the PC.

  • Before opening the Steam software, Right-click the space in the window.
  • Click the ‘Task Manager’.
  • Right-click on the ‘Task Manager’.
  • Click the ‘End Task’.
  • Open the Steam software.

Check whether the app is open or not. If it is not open, then go to another method.

clear task

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Task clear

Option 2: Restart the computer

The reason for the problem in the opening of the steam client is may due to your computer too. The cache of the PC may interrupt opening the Steam client. Restart the computer and check if the technique works or not. If it is not working, then go to another method.

Option 3: Check internet connection

The interrupted network may also reason for the improper functioning of Steam software. Make sure your Network devices like Modem or router functioning properly. Try to restart the network devices and check the working of the Steam server. Do the following steps for restarting network devices.

  • Shut down the PC, Modem, and Router.
  • Remove the power cables.
  • Leave it for a while.
  • Plug the cables again.
  • Restart the PC, Modem, and Router.

Check if the steam won’t open solved or not. If not, then go for another method.

why won't stream open

Option 4: Reinstall Steam software to solve why won’t steam open

The best method to reduce the steam won’t open problem is to reinstall the server again. This will give maximum result for the improper working of the Steam client. Uninstall the app and install it again on its official website. The most important thing to remember during this reinstallation is your reinstalled software should be in the same location as the old one. Then only you can get your old user data and games.

Option 5: Update your drivers to solve why won’t steam open

Updating your PC drivers may also be the solution for the Stream won’t open. The best choice to update your Drivers is using ‘Driver Easy’.

scan problem

  • Download the “Driver easy”.
  • Open and run the server.
  • Tap the’ Scan now’ option to scan your PC.
  • It will automatically detect the need for updates in any Driver.
  • Click the ‘Update all’ button to update all the files.

If you want to update specified drivers, then click the ‘Update’ option located at the side of the file. After updating, restart your computer and go and check if the steam won’t open solved or not. If not, then go for another method.

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Option 6: Disable antivirus temporarily

The reason Steam won’t open is also due to your antivirus software. Your PC’s antivirus software interferes with the Steam client and blocks Steam software’s working. But after removing your antivirus, be aware of your website searching, emails you getting, and any file you are going to download.

Option 7: Repair your system’s file

Any damaged files in your system are also responsible for the improper working of the Steam app. One of the best apps to scan and repair your system’s file is “Restore”. It is a professional tool to validate the system’s status, identify faults in the system and repair it. The best thing about the app is its easy way of handling it. With one click we can repair any problems in our file.


  • Download the “Restore” software on the official website.
  • Open and click ‘Free scan’.
  • A status review about your file’s condition is shown on the screen.
  • Click ‘Start Repair’ to proceed with the file repair process.
  • After the completion of the Repair task, Restart your computer.

Check if the technique works or not. If it is not working, then go to the last method.

Option 8: Recover your computer

Still, if your steam won’t open even after doing the above adjustments, then you have to restore the changes you made before. After restoring the changes you made, check if your problem will sort out or not. Use your PC’s ‘System software’ to undo the changes. Do the following steps to restore the changes.


  • Tap the ‘Start’ button.
  • Type ‘Recovery’ in the search bar and click the result.
  • After that click ‘Open system software’.
  • An instruction is shown on the screen.
  • Follow the steps and restore your PC.

After the recovery process, open the Steam app and check whether it is work or not.


  1. Is the steam app available on mobile?

Yes, the Steam app is available on mobile.

2. Are Steam games free?

Yes, many Steam games are free to play.

3. Is Steam is Legitimate and safe?

Yes, Steam is completely legitimate and safe to use.

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