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How to Leave Discord Voice Channel – 2 Minutes Solution

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Discord is one of the most famous apps for communication through chatting. This includes Text chat, video chat, and voice chat. So, communication is so simple and easy for people. It is also a video game streaming platform. So, it is the most fruitful thing for gamers. One of the best things about the Discord app is its ‘Voice chat’. Joining and leaving the discord voice channel is very easy. In this article, we will see how to leave a discord voice channel.

Discord voice channel

Voice channels are the place where you can chat with people through voice and video calls. You can directly join any Voice channel without making any ring or call. Also, you can talk to any people on that voice chat. By this, you can play games and chat with people through voice chat. Discord is the best tool for remote communication. You can talk with your family, friends, and your colleagues. There is also an option of conferencing and private talk with friends.

voice channel

Create a new Discord channel

Discord server itself made one voice channel by default. If you are signing up for the first time, there is one default voice channel that already exists by the Discord server itself. Joining the voice channel is so simple step to do. Also, you can leave the discord voice channel much easy. You also have an option to mute yourself or end up.

  • Click + icon which is next to the voice channel in the sidebar.
  • Select the voice channel
  • Enter the name you want to give for the channel.
  • By clicking ‘Create’, your new voice channel will be created.

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If you don’t put any privacy on your voice channel, then anybody can join your channel and talk to you and your friends. If you put any category name like studies then your voice channel will have better organization. To create a categorized voice channel to the following steps.

  • Click the ‘+’ icon next to the Category name you want to make.
  • Click ‘Create’ to make your own categorized voice channel.

leave discord voice channel

People also join to voice channel by invitation link. If any participations in the voice channel or the owner of the channel want to take any people to join, they send an invitation link to the people they want to join.

Settings correctness for the Discord voice channel

Discord server has a special setting for the voice channel. Using this setting, you can set your settings according to your need. Your voice and video settings let you define your own personal configuration. setting access is at the bottom left corner of your Discord server.  After your display name, the settings for your voice chat will be shown. By clicking the setting icon which is at the last, you can access the Discord setting. Be sure of ‘Two-factor Authentication. This will make your account safer.

Leave discord channel

Input devise and output device setting

The voice and video setting will divide into two device settings. One is an Input device and the other is an output device. Input device settings include choosing the microphone you want to use. There are lots of devices that will appear if you plug in the USB microphone. Be sure of choosing the correct device. In the Output device setting, you can connect with the speaker.

Push to Talk Feature

One of the best services in Voice channel chat is the Push to talk feature. This makes your voice chat more sufficient. When the Discord server senses any noise, It will automatically turn on your microphone. If there is any noise besides your voice, then your microphone will be on by default. This prevents noise and makes the voice chat more pleasant.

Leave discord voice channel

How much easy to join Voice chat is so easy as leaving Voice channel. You can join voice chat by clicking the call symbol. you can see the word ‘Connected’ after you are connected to the channel. Once you joined, your name will be displayed on the voice chat. Ans also all participants of the channel can see that you are in the voice chat.


An indication about your voice quality and connection quality will also be shown. The green symbol indicates your voice and connections were too good. The yellow color indicates your connection was poor and makes your connection proper. If the red color indication shows, then your internet connection was poor and you have to check the connection.

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You can also mute your microphone. You can mute and unmute your microphone at any time. This is also one of the useful features of the Discord app. Once you want to talk with your friends, you can unmute your microphone and talk. If you don’t want to talk, you can also unmute your microphone. If you unmute the microphone, then a small slash will appear on the microphone icon. By this, you can check if you are muted or unmuted.

When you want to wind up the call, you can simply click the ‘Hang up’ which is on the lower left of the voice channel. This is the simple step to end or leave the discord voice channel.

Troubleshoots in Voice chat

Troubles occur in discord voice channels due to many reasons. The sounding problem is one of the most common troubleshoots faced by Discord users. If you can’t hear the voice of your friends even all are good, then you leave the room and re-enter again. Since the problem is continuous, completely close the app and reopen it again.

Mute channel

If you have a problem with loud sound from another participant, you may adjust the individual user’s volume. Click the name of the participant you want to lower the volume and adjust the sound according to your need. Right-click the name of the participant. Now you can see a volume adjustment symbol. On that, you can adjust the volume of the participant with your need.

leave discord voice channel


  1. What is the discord voice channel?

A Voice channel is used to talk or communicate with other people.

2. Do I need headphones to talk on Discord?

You can use headphones for a better experience. But you can speak with a microphone also.

3.  When can I make a video chat on Discord?

On the voice channel, you can make video chat with your friends.

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