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ARRESTED! Rapper, Young Thug Arrested, Will Spend his life in Jail for Money Related Charges.

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The Young Thug involved in the indictment 

Police arrested a popular rapper from Atlanta on Monday in Buckhead. County Superior Court consisted of 88 pages with 28 people listed in it. The stage name of Jeffery Lamar Williams is Young Thug. He indulged himself in criminal street activity and conspiracy. It was related to violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, as per the accusation. The indictment says that the specific charges against Williams and his 27 associates. The court document refers to the group as the  “Young Slime Life” enterprise. It stated that members came together for this conspiracy. They joined hands with others for the common purpose of obtaining money and property illegally. They planned to do through a pattern of racketeering activity and conduct and participate in the enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity.

The Atlanta rapper, Young Thug was arrested, check details of the indictment


What is the indictment about?

The accusation consists of more than 180 acts. They support just the first of the 56 separate charges laid down to the various members of the YSL. Other charges are murder, serious assaults, firearm violations, theft, drugs, street gang activity, armed robbery, carjacking, etc. At present, only those two counts are on Williams as charges. But, the indictment lists him as being one of the YSL founders and Walter Murphy and Trontavious Stephen.

The lawyer of Young Thug, Brian Steel told local media that Mr. Williams committed no crime and that he would “fight till his last drop of blood to clear him.” He is going to make his first court appearance on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.

Another Atlanta rapper, Gunna 

There is another Atlanta rapper Gunna on the list. His real name is Sergio Kitchens. He’s also an aspiring rapper Christian Eppinger who was already in jail. His accusation was that he shot an Atlanta Police officer six times in February. For now, it’s not confirmed if Gunna has been arrested. He is accused of conspiracy to violate the RICO act of the state. As per the indictment, the “Young Slime Life” enterprise began as a street gang in the Cleveland Avenue area of Atlanta in 2012.

Williams, who also goes by “Slime,” along with Murphy, who goes by “DK,” and Stephens, who goes0 by “Tick” or “Slug,” create it as an affiliate of the national Bloods gang. This is as per stated by the document. Williams used to refer to it in his songs and on social media. According to the accusation, it has expanded to include “the surrounding metropolitan Atlanta area” in the last ten years.

Claims of YSL members 

Some YSL members claim close ties to Blood subset gangs SexMoneyMurder or 30 Deep, but the indictment continued. Associates wear red for the Bloods and green for Slime. The indictment states they also wear clothing that has “YSL” or “Slime” on it. They also might have similar pendants with those words or “SLATT” on them.

YSL uses a variety of hand signs like many of the other gangs. The indictment states that some of them like wiping their nose with their index finger. Another hand sign is the curling of the ring and pinky fingers inward towards the palm.


1. What’s the case all about?

A popular Atlanta rapper, who was arrested Monday in Buckhead, was among 28 people listed in an 88-page indictment filed on Sunday in Fulton County Superior Court.

2. What’s the case about Jeffery Lamar?

Jeffery Lamar Williams, who goes by the stage name Young Thug was charged with participation in the criminal street activity and conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, according to the indictment.

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