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Lilliana Ketchman, A Reality Star and Dancer! Wiki, Bio, Career, Family, Body Measurements, Age, Height, Net Worth and All About Her.

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Lilliana Ketchman popularly known as ‘Lilli K’, is an American dancer, actor, and model. She is best known for her dance skills and beauty.

In March 2016, at the age of seven, she did a reality TV show called “Dance Moms” where she performed as a member of the ALDC team. Her popularity grew by no bounds.

Lilli returned for the seventh and eighth seasons of the same show.

Let us know more about this dancer!

Early life

Lilliana is born on June 23, 2008. She is 13 yrs, 7 months old as of Jan 2022. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Her birthplace is Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. The childhood of Lilli k. has been spent in North Carolina only.

Lilli K

She is an American citizen. Her ethnicity is Caucasian. She follows Christianity as her religion.


She is still in middle school. She is too young and yet wants to excel in the field of education too. Despite being busy and being part of reality television she has continued her academics.

She has received education from Campaneria Ballet School and Joffrey Ballet School. Her favorite dance form has been and is Ballet. Before this, she also went to Cumberland Dance Academy.


Lilliana was born to parents Christopher(father) and Stacey(mother) in 2008. She also has an older brother named Caden. Caden was born in 2005 and is three years older than Lilliana.

Lilli K and her family

Her mother Stacey is a psychologist by profession. She works at Haymount Institute. She has also competed as a professional dancer in her youth.


Stacey, Lilliana’s mother got her into dancing in her childhood only. Lilliana also had peaked interest because she had started dancing at the young age of 2. She also professionally started competing in competitions and other events when she turned four.

When Lilliana was just five years old she gave her first solo performance on ‘Dreams.’ In March 2016 she became part of a dance reality show called “Dance Moms.”During joining the show Lilliana was only seven years old. Here she performed as a member of the ALDC mini team in the sixth season.

After the disbandment of ALDC, Lilliana was offered another chance, she then joined the elite team for the seventh season. Her popularity increased on the show as she gave stellar and stunning performances irrespective of it being a solo act or along with her crewmates.

She soon started her YouTube channel where she posted videos of her performances. Here also she enjoyed success in form of her more than 3.5 million subscribers.

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Net Worth

Lilliana has a YouTube channel, is on Instagram and TikTok, on all of these platforms her fan following is millions or close to reaching a million. She has gained the status of Internet personality after her profession as a dancer and actor.

Lilliana is one of the most successful kids to come out of reality television and carry on that success to other platforms.

She works with numerous brands as their brand ambassador or doing promotional posts for them. In return, she gets paid handsomely.

She was also on reality T.V where casts get paid high. On average, the salary of someone working in reality T.V is near about $45k per year.

Combining all her assets her estimated net worth could be anything ranging from $1million to $2million(USD).

Lilli dancing


Lilliana is only 13 years old and she is too young to have any past relationship. Lilli has been so focused on making it big working continuously since the start of her career.

Now also she is very driven and focused on her goals. No rumors about the dancers are doing the buzz around the corner. She has neither been seen with someone nor she has revealed about someone special in her life.

So, Lilliana as of now is dating no one. She is single though in the future we would love who this cutie would fall head over heels for.

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What is the height and weight of Lilli K? How does she look?

Lilliana Ketchman is a cute girl with innocent looks that would attract anyone. Apart from having a vibrant personality, she stands tall at 4 ft 10 inches. Her height is 1.4 meters and 140 in centimeters. Ketchman weighs approximately 88 lbs. This is 40 kilograms. This information is subject to change.

Her eyes are a great deal expressive and striking. Her eye color is green and the dancer has long blonde hair.

lilli K

Ketchman’s body is very flexible since she is a professional dancer. Her body measurements are not known. She has a slim body type with really long limbs and hands, dancing from a young age has shaped her body into a slim fit.

Her shoe size is 5 according to the standard US shoe size. She has no tats i.e no tattoos or inking on her body.


Social Media Presence

Is Lilli K active on her social media accounts? Does she have a large number of followers?

At the age young age of 13, Lilliana has tasted unseen success. She also has a worldwide spread fan following.

She joined YouTube in April 2015; After joining ‘Dance Moms’ she started posting videos of her performances. A lot of her initial videos were her dance performances.

Her channel has 3.52 subscribers with views close to 2015384,853,557. She updates her YouTube regularly, now it has taken a turn of a fun lifestyle channel more than a dance channel.

The dancer is on Instagram and very active. She mostly shares reels on the platform which is a short video format, where she shares her dance routines and choreography on trending songs. Her username is @lillykofficial. She has garnered a massive fan following close to over 3.3 million.

Lilliana Ketchman has also registered her presence on TikTok where she is equally popular. She has also tasted success on the app with more than 945k followers. Her TikTok videos have received close to 11.4 million likes. On TikTok her username is @lillybketchman.


Frequently asked Questions

How old is Lillian Ketchman?

Lilliana Ketchman is born on June 23, 2008, making her 13 years old.


Which shows Lillian star in?

Lilliana Ketchman has been part of a reality dance show called “Dance Moms”.


What is the eye color of Lillian?

Lilliana Ketchman has green color eyes with a touch of hazel in them.


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